“If you’re not Christian, you’re going to die.”

13 March, 2009

Back in 1999, two very sick boys killed 12 students and a teacher in Columbine High School in Colorado.  One of the girls, Rachel Scott, became a Christian martyr for, supposedly, dying for her faith.  From Wikipedia:

Early news reports said that one of the gunmen, after having first shot Rachel in her leg, asked the wounded girl if she still believed in God, and that she had simply answered “You know I do”, provoking a second, fatal shot to her head at point-blank range. Some accounts attributed this version of events to Castaldo, though he later denied telling this story. Despite the controversy surrounding this issue, Rachel’s parents contend in their book, Rachel’s Tears: the Spiritual Journey of Columbine Martyr Rachel Scott, that their daughter was targeted by the killers and died as a martyr for her Christian faith, based on videotapes made by the teenage perpetrators in which they are said to mock Rachel for her beliefs.

This has, of course, been held up, for the past ten years, as an example of the persecution of Christians in America.  And it has been used as an excuse for some Christians to persecute those who are insufficiently Christian, or non-Christian, or non-believers.  Faux News nitwits like O’Reilly, and right wing politicians like Gingrich, have also suggested (actually, insisted) that it was a result of liberal values.  After all, Christians would never do this, right?


From  ABC News7  of Denver (this happened December 30, but I just ran across it today):

A 24-year-old ski lift operator who fatally shot the general manager of the Eldora ski area was determined to kill co-workers who weren’t Christian, according to court records obtained Thursday.


The documents, filed Wednesday in Boulder District Court, said witnesses told authorities that Derik Bonestroo walked into a building at work, fired a gun into the ceiling and said: “If you’re not Christian, you’re going to die.”

Luckily, all but one in the room were able to escape.  The manager, Mahan, was killed because he was the wrong kind of Christian:


Witnesses said when Bonestroo asked Mahon’s religion, Mahon said “Catholic” and Bonestroo shot him twice: in the chest and head. Mahon is believed to have died instantly. Other employees ran out the back door of the ski employee’s meeting area and fled into the woods, describing an additional four to five shots being fired.

Odd that this did not hit the national news (there may have been a mention, but it did not hit the constant repeat of other murders).  Odd that a severely mentally ill man declared, “If you’re not Christian, you’re going to die,” and Fox News (and all the others) ignored it. 

Do you suppose they would have ignored it if, say, a Muslim had killed those who did not worship Allah?  or an animist had killed those who did not worship the spirits of the trees?  or (horrors) if the murderer had been a liberal or an atheist?



  1. (((Billy))):Do you suppose they would have ignored it if, say, a Muslim had killed those who did not worship Allah?

    Chappy: No.

    (((Billy))):or an animist had killed those who did not worship the spirits of the trees?

    Chappy: No.

    (((Billy))):or (horrors) if the murderer had been a liberal or an atheist?

    Chappy: No.

  2. Damn, Chappy. You and (((Billy))) should start a new blog together!

  3. Chappie: Those are the answers I expected.

    John: We could call it’Events BC’ maybe?

  4. Well they didn’t show it because clearly he wasn’t a “true” Christian.

  5. Philly: I wonder if they have a stool for true Christians?

  6. They are blind to their own infallibility. They do something wrong, they were either provoked or, like Philly said, not a “true” Xian. If it was someone else, then the country is falling apart and becoming immoral. The only thing consistent is that they are all douchebags…

  7. DB: Strange, isn’t it? The radical conservatives (political and religious) make the claim that they are the only ones who embrace personal responsibility. Yet look at the Bush misadministration: did anyone, ever, actually take responsibility for a mistake, misjudgment, or crime? Do extreme Christians ever take responsibility? In both cases, it is he wasn’t a real conservative/Christian, he was provoked, we all make mistakes, it’s in the past so why dwell upon it.

    Though I do disagree with your comparison of these idiots and douchebags. Douchebags do, occasionally, serve a useful function.

  8. Ya, strange, the people who believe in personal responsibility and “small government” also believe that it is the job of “small” government to plaster warning labels on everything, to restrict the private behaviors of a free people, and to limit the speech of those whom they disagree with. Christians don’t believe in personal responsibility anymore than atheists believe in god. It’s a catch phrase they use to protect themselves from the same government they manipulate into pushing their values on everyone else. /rant

    Good point on the douchebag comment. I would never mean to insult a bag of douche with such a disgusting reference 😉

  9. Most of the criminals in this country, criminals of any rank, from petty thief to Attorney General Gonzales, would call themselves Christians.

    And in the Arab world they’d call themselves Muslims.

    Yeah, those holy and sacred teachings on morality really do work, hey?

  10. Ric: Been working since prehistory. The priests are the ones who can get away with anything.

  11. Or as L. Ron Hubbard said, if you want to get rich start a religion. And then he went and started a really stupid religion and got rich.

  12. Yeah, but he still died.

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