Good News (and Bad News)

28 February, 2009

Focus on Fascism the Family, on of the most intolerant voices of the religious right, has retired (from the AP):

The Associated Press has learned that James Dobson has resigned as chairman of the conservative Christian group Focus on the Family (make that Focus on Fascism).

Jim Daly, president and chief executive officer of the Colorado Springs, Colo.-based ministry, said Friday that Dobson will continue to host the organization’s flagship radio program and speak out on moral issues (Damn.  We will keep hearing from him and his misogynistic, racist, homophobic, hyper-right-wing ‘morality’).

The departure of the 72-year-old Dobson as board chairman is part of a succession plan. He founded the group in 1977 (which, coincidentally, is about when the religious right decided America should be a theocracy).

Dobson began relinquishing control of the group six years ago by stepping down as president and CEO (and stepping up his rabid rantings).

The good news?  We might hear less of Dobson’s religious right brand of intolerance — at least at the political level;  the radio idiocy will continue.  The bad news?  Those hoping to take his place as the voice of the Christian radicals are trying to out-conservative and out-intolerant each other.



  1. Is this is not hypocisy?

  2. Tanveer: Thanks for stopping by. I don’t think so. Dobson (and other groups like his Focus on the Family) are determined to make everyone obey their dictates; they see an ideal America as a Christian version of Iran’s theocratic democracy. When I write, or speak out, reagarding religion, atheism, politics, or science, I speak with an eye towards freedom, freedom not just of religion, but from religion. I do not tell anyone they cannot worship as they wish; I do tell them, and the world, that tehy cannot tell me what to do based upon religious belief. So no, I do not think that pointing out the theocratic bent of some leaders, or even celebrating the beginning of their disappearance from public life, is hypocrisy.

  3. I am curious if this will play out like the Schuller/Crystal Cathedral drama played out where the popular figurehead bowed out and the entire organization nearly collapsed. Either way, I am hopeful that their loss of power and influence will continue.

  4. unfortunately, very few people have the combination of charisma — the ability to attract followers — and organizational abilities. maybe we will be lucky and the good mr. dobson has someone waiting in the wings. otherwise, you may be right.

  5. Hey I love this blog. I can see the time and effort put into this.. Thanks!

  6. DB: We can only hope.

    Anton: How would it be lucky if Dobson has someone in the wings? I would classify that as unlucky. Typo?

    Emma: Christian singles? Are you lost?

  7. () –

    I do believe ‘Emma’ spammed you. Anyone want to wager what ‘Emma’ stands for?

  8. Always Christian singles. Occasionally Christian couples. Never Christian threesomes (a Trinity). Pity.

  9. Ric: It showed up in my spambox. I figured, given the address she was advertising, it was worth the laugh to put it up. As for what ‘E.M.M.A.’ stands for? I’m open for suggestions.

    MO: Yeah. The trinity never figures in sex. Go figure.

  10. You’d figure that the Lord’d love a threesome (granted, He did have to take out the sex to get His. Too gay, in His case. I’m not too sure about the Holy Ghost, but the other two have doodles).

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