Cold Enough For You?

14 January, 2009

And remember, this is weather, not climate!



  1. It is cold enough for me, but I live in Georgia, so cannot complain. I was amused this morning to hear the weather lady warning us about “dangerous, live threatening temperatures.” It could dip below freezing. And, yes, I know that is life-threatening if one is unfortunate enough to be homeless and living under a freeway overpass, but for most of us? Not so much.

  2. I think it really has to do with acclimatization. My in-laws (in Florida) now think that 50 is cold. When they lived out on Cape Cod, 50 was a warm day (unless it was raining, of course). When I lived in New Hampshire, 20 was a nice day. Here in PA, 20 is cold (of course, that could be just me getting old). For a family in Georgia, without home heating or winter coats, 30 might be dangerous.

  3. I love all the news reports of lows in the 20’s. *gasp* Here that’s a typical winter high. I’ve walked to class )for a week straight) in -24 (with -42 windchill). Not that I’m saying I like it – i can’t wait to move somewhere warmer.

  4. Kate: Somewhere warmer? Like Maine?

  5. Actually, there are parts of Alaska that are warmer then where I’m at.

  6. Hey, other doesn’t get counted, what’s the go with that???

    It was rather warm in most capital cities in Australia yesterday. Got to +42C where I live.

  7. Kate:
    I lived in Winnipeg (aka, Winterpeg) for 7 years. Are you somewhere in that neck of the woods? Those temperatures sound familiar.

  8. Kate: Last summer, it was hotter in PA than where my (((Wife))) was in Florida.

    Oz: No idea. It’s only my second try with the poll. What was your other?

  9. My youngest and his family are in Sicily, 50F is pretty chilly for them. This morning it was -4F with a wind chill of -18F. I used to just shrug and get on with things, but today, I fear, I must stay in as much as possible.

    My daughter-in-law is from Toronto, and while they were stationed in Maryland she didn’t care for the cold and snow. I told her that I was stunned. Surely a Canadienne should accept weather like that with indifference, but she grabbed my arm and called my attentioned to the differences of our skin tone. My anscestry is North European, hers is from Africa. SHE DOESN’T LIKE THE COLD!

    In the early 1970’s I was stationed in southeast Alabama and was there when they had their first real snow in sixty four years. Two feet in some places. My car had positraction and for some reason I’d brought my tire chains with me when we moved down, so for several days my car was the only transportation available for a lot of people.

    I worked at a radar site at a small settlement called Elamville, and there was a small store where we went to get our drinks and such, an old man ran the place.

    He told us he’d never been out of Alabama in his life, never been further than Dothan or Mongomery from the spot where he stood talking to us, even during WWII. He’d never seen real snow before. Seen flurries, seen pictures, always wondered what it was like, always wanted to experience it. Well, now he had and if it never came again in his life he’d die happy. He couldn’t see how us northern boys put up with it several times a year. We just shrugged.

  10. I lived in Germany, in Mannheim from 1955 – 58 and the winters were said to have been worse than usual. Germans blamed “Atomische bombe”. Hell, maybe they were right.

    The Rhein and Neckar rivers were frozen down to their beds, it was said, and there was a lot of damage.

    What I remember most is the frost on our living room window. It did, in fact, resemble sureal but quite recognisable pictures painted in ice. It was captivating, fascinating, beautiful.

    My mother was less enthused, when it melted it would get all over the window ledge and floor if she wasn’t careful.

  11. Sarge: Had Einstein been a meteorologist, he would still have had a theory of relativity. Temperature related, of course.

    One of the fears I have regarding global warming is that, when it finally gets bad enough that the conservatives admit it is real, will their solution be to start an atomic war?

  12. 21.6F outside ^_^

  13. Shit. Its warmer in Scandinavia (Norway? Sweden? Finnland? Denmark?) than it is here in Northeastern Pennsylvania? That’s not fair.

  14. Just finished reading Dan Simmon’s “The Terror”, a fictionalised account of the Franklin Arctic expedition. Snow blowing around, sub zero temps…I shoulda waited ’til summer!

  15. Chaplain: I’m actually out in the wilds of Wyoming. And I have to say, we’ve been having mild winters lately, it’s just that when the temperature drops it tends to stick around for way too long.

  16. Mark 16: 16 He that believeth and is baptized, shall be saved: but he that believeth not shall be condemned.


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