A Missing Punchline

8 January, 2009


I came home from work today, and (((Wife))) had cut this out, laminated it, and tossed it onto the refrig.  Of course, she had to add an even better punchline:

Frankenstein’s monster:  “So tell me, reverend, am I a creationist of an evolutionist?”

Priest ((((Wife’s))) addition): “No, you came back from the dead.  You’re Jesus!”



  1. Interesting concepts that people use to complicate their lives.

    I once read a sci fi novel (decades ago) in which three people had certain modifications which took their lungs and gave them gills for underwater exploration. There was a side issue where there are theologions who speculate as to whether these people are actually, spiritually, morally, biblically actually human anymore since the religious test demands breath, and these people (“people,” perhaps?) no longer have breath as such.

    Also, a short story about a rabbi. Exterminator could explain the niceties better than me (I sometimes acted as a Shabbas Goy in my younger days)but this person is contacted by a genetics company to certify whether one of their engineered animals was kosher. It was a pig, but the pig was modified to chew a cud, therefore technically OK.

  2. Sarge:
    Reminds me of a class discussion I was in once. What attributes define a human being? Speech, opposable thumb, bipedalism, etc. are all attributes that are consider human. Yet they may not exist in someone that is still considered human.

  3. Sarge: My dad always said that the world is made up of lumpers and splitters. Splitters will divide any group in any way possible. Lumpers will combine. Sometimes Christians take splitting to the illogical extreme.

    Have you ever read the book, “Man Plus,” by Frederick Pohl? It involves altering a human to live on Mars and explores many of the same themes.

    Kate: So you’re a lumper?

  4. Yes, I have read that one. There’s a really neat one called “Light a Last Candle” Deals with beings called “mods”…who may or may NOT have been.

    I read Paol Andersen and Frederick Pohl both. You could say I reas scifi from Paol to Pohl.

  5. (((Billy))):
    It really depends on the mood and situation; but I try not to overdo it.

    Sounds like some interesting books to find.

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