The 6 Things Meme

25 November, 2008

Greg Laden (the guy who runs a blog called Greg Laden’s  Blog (and I really wonder just how long it took him to come up with that title?)) has tagged me with a meme.  He was tagged by Mike at Tangled Up in Blue Guy, and he, in turn was tagged by PZ Myers, who was tagged by The Science Pundit, who was tagged by The Darwin Report, who was tagged by Informal Skepticism, who was tagged by Scepticon, who was tagged by PodBlack Cat, tagged by Wandering in the Wilderness, then the trail goes cold.

Here are the rules:

1. Link to the person who tagged you (I did).
2. Post the rules on your blog (I did).
3. Write six random arbitrary things about yourself (I did (see below)).
4. Tag six people at the end of your post and link to them (I did (see below)).
5. Let each person know they’ve been tagged and leave a comment on their blog (I did).
6. Let the tagger know when your entry is up. (Greg:  Done.  I stole the idea of using parenthesis from you).

Six Random Things About Me:

  1. While in kindergarten, I had my photo in an issue of Ranger Rick magazine.  (Death Valley Elementary School designed a nature trail for kids back in ’71 or ’72.  Ranger Rick had a story about the trail, and one of the photos showed my sisters and me jumping off of a sand dune.)
  2. I jumped off the rim of the Grand Canyon to scare tourists.  (I went to Grand Canyon Elementary School (a CCC building from the 1930s) and it was a weird place to be a kid.  One of our forms of entertainment was to scare visitors.  There is a two-foot tall rock wall along the rim of the canyon (the upper level of the Kaibab Limestone) running from up by Verkamps down past El Tovar.  To amuse ourselves, we ran along the top of the wall and (being careful to jump only where there is a wide landing area between the wall and the actual rim), while visitors watched, jumped off of the north side of the wall and ducked down so we could not be seen.)
  3. At Grand Canyon I scared visitors with tarantulas.  (While attending elementary school at Grand Canyon, my friends and I looked forward to the spring tarantula mating season (mating season was the only time we could find the buggers).  These large brown hairy critters were relatively harmless (the only time I was bitten it hurt less than a sweat bee sting).  We caught one or two, placed them on our shoulders, and walked into the Visitor Center.  The screaming visitors were a delite to our young ears.)
  4. While living in Arizona and California we had guinea pigs as pets.  (Never, never, never buy a half-price guinea pig.  She’s pregnant.  My guinea pig (Snow White (a white long-hair)) had triplets.)
  5. I spent five years in a four year high school.  (I had a really bad case of mononucleosis and missed about 6 months of school.  My spleen swelled up to about twice normal size (the Hagerstown hospital invited interns from all over the state to come and examine me (apparently swollen spleens are rare (at least ones that were that swollen.)) and feel my spleen.)
  6. My (((Wife))) first noticed me  while watching Dawn of the Dead and The Attack of the Killer Tomatoes in a dorm room at college.  (I put my feet on her lap and said she was cute.  She married me anyway.)

I tag:  The ChaplainOzAtheist, Bruce the LlamaThe Ethical Paleaontologist, Poodles, and Yunshui.  If any whom I have not tagged feel slighted, consider yourself tagged.



  1. Wow – you followed a long way back. I followed the breadcrumbs to Wandering in the Wilderness, too and I think she forgot about the linking to the tagger.

    I love your story about jumping off the rim. It reminds me of the story a comedian (can’t remember who) told about how he and his brother used to scare the crap out of their parents on car trips. This was in the days before child-safety locks.

    One of them would unbuckle his seat belt, then open the door and close it, and then duck behind the seat. The other would pretend to be grasping for his brother who was in actuality hiding.

    As his mother would turn around and scream for his dad to “Stop the Goddamn car!” As soon as his dad turned around to see what was going on, he would jump up from behind the seat and yell, “What?!” After slamming the brakes and looking like he was ready to kill, his dad and then his mom would burst out laughing.

    The funny part was that it worked more than once. Sick people, but a family I would have loved to have grown up with.

  2. Ok Done.

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  4. Mike: Thanks for stopping by. I can top you. I fell out of a moving car while a child. Twice. The first time, I rolled out the open back hatch of a VW MicroBus and landed on the driveway. (((Wife))) calls me PlayDoh head (drop him on his head and he makes a sound like PlayDoh: Duh.). The second time I was standing on the passenger side front seat while we went around a left corner. I grabbed the door handle and leaned into the curve. Unfortunately, I grabbed the door latch and went sailing out the door to land face-first in gravel. About 100 stitches put my upper lip back together. I never thought about trying to scare my parents by pretending to repeat the trick.

    Poodles: Fast, aren’t we?

    Chappie: Same.

  5. I had guinea pigs and mono, too.

    It’s amusing that after growing up scaring people, you’d meet your mate over horror flicks. I guess that makes for a good match.

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  7. You were quite a terror as a youngster, (((Billy))). Maybe that’s why so many Christians think you need saving.

  8. gah I’ve been tagged.
    I’m a lot slower than Poodles (she knows one of the reasons I’ve only just got around to checking my own blog **snerk **)

    (((Billy))) you were a right terror as a child, has anything changed 🙂

    bit rich having a go at Greg Laden – i am billy 🙂

  9. With you guys it’s just meme, meme, meme. (disgusted headshake)

    You’re from Pennsylvania, too, (((Billy))), isn’t a “tagger” one of those huge orange and black striped cats, man eaters, which are also known for affixing labels to things?

  10. Sort of like those big, white-headed bird we have in Pennsylvania, you know: the ‘iggle’.

  11. Chappie: I thought I was a normal NPSB.

    Sarge: My accent includes four courners, Southern New Hampshire, Cumberland Valley of Merland, and Army. I’ve successfully resisted ever saying ‘youse guyse.’

  12. Oz: So you are not a fast? As I said to Chappie, I thought I was a normal NPSB.

    I don’t know if I am ‘having a go’ at Mr. Laden — I just admired the hubris of naming a blog for oneself. Works. Of course, I am ‘(((Billy))) the Atheist’ and I am named Bill, so I guess I’m partially guilty of the same hubricity.

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  14. (((Billy))) Posted

  15. “and I really wonder just how long it took him to come up with that title?”

    What are you talking about? My blog’s name is not “Greg Laden’s Blog.” MY name is “Greg Laden.” By blog’s name is just “Blog.” Simple, but effective.

  16. So let’s see, you from scaring tourists with tarantulas and by pretending to die, to picking up women at “B” horror flicks. Nice! 😉

  17. Oz: Thanks.

    Greg: I wonder how many blogs are named ‘Blog’? Not a whole of differentiation there, rather generic. But with your name added to the front, it has a certain panache, y’know?

    Science Pundit: Welcome. And the really scary thing is that now I am the Park Ranger dealing with the tourists scared by NPSBs.

  18. Okay, you got me.


    Happy weekend!

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  20. Very nice post. I simply stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your blog posts. In any case I will be subscribing on your rss feed and I hope you write once more soon!

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