Two Truly Bizarre Bumper Stickers

23 November, 2008

I stopped off this morning to get fuel ($2.05.9 a gallon (which shows just how bad our economy is right now)).  The BMW X5 SUV in front of me had two rather scary bumper stickers.  The first said:

Vote For The Hand That Rocks The Cradle:  Palin 2012


And the second:

Let The Hand That Rocks The Cradle Rock America:  Vote Palin!


Now I freely admit that I am not very aware of popular culture.  Obscure sci-fi references, folk music (old folk music) and useless historical trivia, no problem.  Today’s culture?  Not much.  However, the term ‘The hand that rocks the cradle’ twinged the old memory zone as having a negative connotation.  So I did what any other 21st century Dad does:  I asked (((Wife))).  She told me to look it up.  Oh, yeah.  Wikipedia.

Here is the first line of the Wikipedia entry:  “The Hand That Rocks the Cradle is a 1992 thriller starring Rebecca De Mornay as a vengeful nanny out to destroy a naïve woman and steal her family.”  Destroy a naïve woman and steal her family.  If I were supporting a politician, that is exactly the connection I want potential voters to make — destroy and steal. 

Though from what I have read about Sarah Palin’s personal and political life, destroy and steal seams appropriate.  She is bent on destroying the earth (Global Warming Is A Myth).  She is bent on stealing from women the right to make decisions about their bodies.  She is bent on destroying wildlife as quickly as possible.  She is determined to steal from the poor and middle class to give it to the rich.  And she has done a hell of a job destroying reality (in her mind, at least).

I don’t know the story behind the stickers.  It was too damn cold to stay outside and ask.  Part of me, though, hopes that it is an official part of the Republican Party coming up with idiocy like this.  When it comes to politicians like Palin, Schadenfreude (to me, at least) perfectly acceptable.



  1. Maybe it’s a subtle joke by Palin’s opponents…

  2. That is one creepy connotation.

  3. The only positive allusion I can think of is Palin being a dedicated mother? Even that is pretty slim.

  4. Turkeys aren’t safe, either

  5. Maybe its something on the order of a saying I heard long ago, “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world”?

  6. CL: I’ve seen them on a few vehicles. I don’t think they are jokes, subtle or otherwise. They are mocking reason, but I don’t think that they are mocking Palin.

    Sergio: Thanks for joining in. Creepy is a real good, succinct description.

    Kate: But to a right-winger, a ‘dedicated mother’ would be at home in the kitchen, pregnant, and sans footwear.

    Philly: Sickening and hilarious at the same time. Her cluelessness knows no limits.

    Sarge: I think that is what they were aiming for. Epic fail.

  7. What a odd choice of slogan.

    The first thing that came to my mind was some movie about someone who tries to steal someone else’s baby (so my memory hasn’t completely failed me yet). If me and my somewhat befuddled old brain, who never saw the movie, thinks that then what must millions of others think?

  8. The movie reference was the first thing I thought of too. Sarge is probably right – they were aiming at evoking the proverbial saying. They missed badly.

  9. It became increasingly obvious during the election campaign that Palin has rocks in her cradle.

  10. Oz and Chappie: Congratulations. You are now even with a clueless (if you don’t believe I am clueless, just ask (((Girl)))) 42-year-old father when it comes to cultural reference points.

    Ric: If the rocks are in her head, would that make it cradle cap?

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