A Piano?

23 November, 2008

What has the Grumpy Lion been up to?  Has he been doing some late night piano moving?  How else to explain this?



  1. Is it me, or is your link bad?

  2. It was working earlier (and about 30 people went there) but now it asks if I want to enable intranet settings. I have no clue why it would do that. Sorry.

    Out on Cape Cod, a hiker in a nature area found a Baldwin upright piano at the end of a long trail. The Harwich Police are trying to find out what happened. It’s a minor crime, but it may be the key to something important. At the very least, it may be a sign of future treble.

  3. *groan* Bad puns (((Billy)))

  4. You have been tagged.

  5. it may be a sign of future treble.

    You have little bassis for saying that.

  6. Kate: You are welcome.

    Chappie: Are you turning into Johnny One Note?

  7. Jeez, a Lion tries to have a little peace and quiet out in the woods with some music and everybody gets all bent out of shape. What a concert of bad puns, B.

  8. Ric: I thought Lions slept in the jungle, not played the piano in the Harwich natural area. You need to work on your lionicity.

  9. Lions sleep wherever they want to. And one might question whether there is anything natural about Harwich.

    And if you’re challenging my lionicity, perhaps I may have to eat your children and lionnap (((Wife))) to maintain my reputation. But in my magnanimity I will allow you to keep your cats.

  10. But leaving a piano at the end of a trail? Hopefully it was a flat trail, with no sharp rocks? And was it a seventh back the trail? Or maybe the distance was a suspended ninth?

    Can’t help with your lionicity. I think your reputation may already be shot (Petanque and all that). We do have the Lion Brewery in my town. Does that help?

  11. Interesting to figure how he moved a piano with the Trump : that would be notable.
    Most of these tag games involve 6 link references. Let me see…I’ve posted 3800 or so on Del.icio.us…
    Guess you can figure why I don’t take part in tagging.

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