Bouncing Reality Off Of A Skull

22 November, 2008

A friend of mine firmly believes that the evil Democrats are stealing the senatorial election in Minnesota.  He claims that (a) demanding a recount will not let the voter’s vote count, that (b) the Democrat’s are trying to throw out every Republican voter’s ballot, and (c) that the U.S. Supreme Court declared recounts unconstitutional back in 2000.  My attempted answers (I say attempted because they bounced off of his thick skull like psi off of a Thennanin’s skull (and if you get that allusion, you are as much an sci-fi geek as I am (and yes, that is a complement))) (in reverse order)? 

(c)  The SCOTUS merely overruled a state supreme court ruling saying that the time period allowed for the recount could be extended.  I also tried to explain that the reason the recount could not be completed in the state-mandated time period was because the Republicans had hired a riot in Miami.

(b)  Both the Franken and Coleman campaign are challenging about the same number of ballots.  Many of these have extraneous marks, double marks, marks with arrows, a fingerprint over one of the choices, or even no mark at all in any candidate’s oval.  As for trying to throw out every Republican’s ballot, I pointed out one of the tactics being used by Republicans to challenge ballots:  voter intent.  Take a gander at the video over a Greg Laden’s blog.  I will show him the video tomorrow.  I have a prediction, though.  He will say something along the lines of: “Well, the Democrats are doing the same thing, so it means nothing.”

And as for (a), I tried very hard to explain that when a vote is very, very close, a recount not only guarantees that the greatest number of votes (for any candidate) will be counted, but also guarantees (or as close to a guarantee as you can get in a democracy with the haphazard state voting rules here in the U.S.) that the person getting the most votes will actually win the election.

He still thinks that Al Franken is trying to steal the election.  He also claims to have seen documentary evidence that Obama’s Chicago ACORNs are helping (of course, he does not remember where he saw the evidence).   He is furious that the ‘liberal media’ is not documenting all the boxes of Franken votes suddenly ‘found’ in a car and the illegal ballots cast by illegal aliens registered by ACORN.   And he is also mentally rewriting history.

He told me today that Franken should take a leaf from George W’s playbook and, for the good of the country and democracy, should just accept the election day count and concede.  When he dropped that one on me, I just waked away.  It was either that or risk committing bodily violence upon a fellow human.



  1. Was he waving his big red Republican foam finger while saying all of this, too?

  2. This entire election has been stolen by Acorn and the socialists using the machine democrat politics of Chicago to defame a great man John McCain a hero. The COmmunist Franklin up in Minnesota is using every trick in the fascitst book out of Chicago to steal the election from the real winner. Coleman was already declared the winner three times and Franklin is forcing an illegal recount to try to steal the election using Acorn and the Chicago machine politics of the democrat party. Obama and his socialist allies will turn America into a nazi state by forcing communism on America. His health care plan will provide care for all but at the cost of destroying the political health of America. His tax the middle class and give it all to the blacks will destroy any incentive to work for a living in America. The courts need to do what they did in Florida in 2000 and step in and stop the democrat party from stealing another election. Eat shit you fucking commie!

  3. Philly: No. No foam finger of fanatacism. I pointed him to the video over at Brad’s blog and, after watching the video, he surprised the hell out of me. He said: “Those morons are idiots! How can they challenge those ballots and then complain about the ones Franken is challenging?” He still thinks Franken is out to steal the election, but at least he admits that those challenges are absurd.

    ATP: I think you missed a couple of the right wing memes. You got socialism, Chicago, Democratic machine politics, communism, McCain is a hero, NAZI, giving money to African-Americans and ACORN. You missed Reverand Wright, Muslim, spreding the wealth, and nationalizing medicine. Try harder.

  4. Oh, then he’s just a RINO. 😉

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