Enriching Friends at the Expense of Nature

13 November, 2008

I remember quite clearly some of the assholes with whom I went to school.  Kids who sat in the back of the room making wisecracks during class, laughing it up, knowing that, no matter what they do, Daddy (an important and upstanding (and rich) pillar of the community) would protect them.  Kids who, if they were losing a game, would take their ball and go home, or dump the Scrabble board, or throw the checker board, or do some other childish thing which poisoned any future games.  George W. is one of those assholes.

He lost the game.  He didn’t lose because of the hand he was dealt.  He lost because he ignored the rules, ignored the way things are done, and listened to a group of True Conservatives.  He failed as President because he is actually a conservative.  And now that the game is over, and he knows he lost, he is dumping the game on the floor, knowing that all his rich, important, upstanding friends will protect him.  He is issuing new regulations left and right, gutting consumer protection, the environment, banking oversight, safety, the Endangered Species Act, and every other advance of the last 75 years which has made it more difficult for big business to rape everyone and everything.

On December 19, 2008, in the waning days of his self-induced disaster, the Bureau of Land Management will auction off some brand new leases in Utah.  Of course, these leases are so controversial that the Bushies new they could not get away with it honestly.  So they are ignoring the rules.

National Park Service officials say that the decision to open lands close to Arches National Park and Dinosaur National Monument and within eyeshot of Canyonlands National Park was made without the kind of consultation that had previously been routine.

The inclusion of the new lease tracts angered environmental groups, which were already critical of the bureau’s original lease proposal, made public this fall, because they said it could lead to industrial activity in empty areas of the state, some prized for their sweeping vistas, like Desolation Canyon, and others for their ancient petroglyphs, like Nine Mile Canyon.

Read the whole article here.

The Republicans (well, the current passel of criminals and sleazeballs who are the Republican Party) have had a bug up their ass about the NPS since the 1980s.  Why?  Well, the National Parks (and all the other different designations of National Park Service sites) do not allow mining, logging, off-roading, or any other commercial activity (with a few exceptions (including some of the preserves in Alaska which allow mining)).  National Parks exist to preserve and protect a nationally significant site, feature, or group of features for future generations.  Use is part of the NPS mandate, but it is balanced by preservation.  Preservation does not sit well with the rape-pillage-and-plunder-now-and-let-the-future-take-care-of-itself mentality.

Luckily, lawsuits are already being filed to stop these leases or, if they cannot stop them, at least invalidate them.  The Republicans, in their zest to enrich their cronies, keep forgetting that the courts, even with the right-wing fruitcakes sitting on the federal bench, enforce the law (usually, anyway).  If the federal government does not follow its own rules, there are consequences.  It appears that the rules were not followed.  Hopefully the courts will follow their rules.

Of course, it will be just like high school.  The assholes with the powerful, rich and unethical friends will get away with most of it.  But it will take years to find all the game pieces and convince people to play again.



  1. Fortunately for the rich and powerful, Obama won the election this time. That should delay the slaughter of the rich and powerful by the people they’ve trampled on by a few years.

    It’s interesting that they will, as always, do everything they can to continue their greedy and destructive ways and thus hasten their own demise. I think another example of their habits is the way the $700B bailout is being handled. Nothing for the people, everything for the rich assholes who created the problem.

    Biding my time, biding my time….

  2. You know, I’m more than a little concerned with what Bush is doing now. If he knows that Obama can stop what he’s doing on Jan 20, why bother? I don’t know enough about the workings of government at that level, but I suspect that it will be difficult if not impossible for Obama to reverse everything Bush does.

    It almost seems as if when he was elected, he took that as a mandate to destroy America. Maybe he was a stealth Al Queda candidate in 2000, a la the Manchurian Candidate? I don’t know, but he seems to have accomplished the objective of tearing down everything that was good, or was working, in America when he was elected.

  3. Bush is the busiest lame duck in history. For a guy who supposedly has little power, he’s exercising whatever he has to the fullest. I wonder if he was Napoleon or Peter the Great in a former life?

  4. Ric: I am amazed at how much people will tolerate before they rise up and say, “NO MORE!” Food shortages will generally (but not always) do it. Unrelenting war can do it. Sheer greed and stupidity among the entrenched oligarchy is usually not enough to create a revolutionary consciousness among the oppressed proletariat.

    SI: After reading your comment, I began to wonder. Has George W. Bush and his cabal of conservative kooks done even one thing, just one, that has made either America or the world a better place? If they were just incompetent, you would expect them to get at least one or two things right, right?

    Chappie: Even though both were overreaching tyrants, there was some competence there. Napoleon (when he was healthy) was a great battlefield general and was even better at setting up the battles. Peter the Great forced Russia to take at least a few baby steps toward modernity. Is W competent at anything?

  5. Good post, (((Billy))).

    A friend of mine says that perhaps this is all being done to “starve the beast to death” as these folks in charge have made no secret that they wish to do. Beat the state (as it is perceived and displayed by the school books) to death, and then set it up to suit yourself. The gloves are already off, I think, the sneer, the smirk, the “So”? the actual verbal”Fuck you” to “we the people in congress assembled”, not a blush or anything else.

    I keep hearing about this “hope” which we have been given. The man I used to train horses for used to have a rejoinder when offered statements about hoping, wishing, wanting, needing, that sort of thing. He would respond with, “Hope in one hand, shit in the other, and see which one fills the fastest. Get busy! Make it happen”!
    But most people don’t act. One needs authority, training, credentials to act. Taking things into ones “own hands” simply isn’t done without some sanction from above in this land of the ‘individualsists’.

    It was pointed out to me, using a school as an example, what happens.
    Everyone remembers the SCA class officers, etc. that are given so much importance in HS, voting is extolled, making your voice count, blah, blah, blah, don’t complain if you don’t vote…we all remember. Some people still actually believe it.
    But, a couple years ago in a nearby school they had the “election” and the guy who won wasn’t one of the “usual suspects” (in-crowd, brain, jock) just a kid who had some good ideas. Problem: he tried to actually make it work like it was advertised to. Well, THAT wouldn’t do, so his tenure was short. He apparently did a lot of “damage” by calling attention to the fact that it was all a charade and everything the admin had been saying was just a shuck. It was only for and at the convenience of the powers that are, and when “the system” is called upon to really answer to, and provice for the needs and wants of the constituents, it’s time to drop the hammer.

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