5 November, 2008

Barack Obama is projected to win the Presidency of the United States of America.  Not only has America, as a nation, rejected the obscenity of the Bush years, we have also rejected the nativist racism and know-nothingism of the party which John McCain represents.

I have to admit, I have tears welling up in the corners of my eyes.



  1. I’m too thrilled for words. Hopefully I will still be this way tomorrow in front of my Republican bosses 😉

    First Post!!!

  2. I’m too thrilled for words. Hopefully I’ll still be this way tomorrow in front of my Republican bosses 😉

    First Post!!!

  3. And second and third. . . Sorry for the double post.

  4. Hold that enthusiasm a bit. Now is hardly any time to relax and claim victory. In many ways, we all lost this year. It’s just that it would have been a bigger loss had McCain/Palin won.

  5. “I have tears welling up in the corners of my eyes.”

    Just the corners? That’s the best you can do? Come on, even I got ’em in the middle.

  6. Kate, Kate and Kate: Damn, you’re a mouthy one! I’m cautiously thrilled. The fact that America elected an African-American shows two things: first, we are not nearly as racist a nation as we sometimes appear and, second, that the Bush administration was such a complete and total disaster that, to many pseudo-racists on the fence, Obama was a serious possibility. Had the last eight years not been such an unmittigated disaster, I doubt he would have won. Also, I think you will find that I am NOT at a loss for words. Were I at a loss, I most likely would not be a blogger.

    Philly: I don’t intend to relax. Not only that, I know that he has pissed me off and will piss me off. The enthusiasm is cautious: we elected a center-right candidate who is, to me, almost liberal enough. We’ll see. We’ll continue to write.

    Ric: What can I say? I’m not all that emotional.

  7. I’m proud to be an American today.

  8. Poodles: Feels kinda odd, don’t it?

    So what has been the reaction in Rightwingutahstan to a black President-elect?

  9. It makes head hurt. The funny part is, nobody seems as much upset by his race, as by the fact that they believe he is a socialist who will take their money and give it to poor people. They are such good christians like that. 😀

  10. Yeah. The Christian thing to do would be to gut the funding for things like food, heating and housing for the poor and give the money to the rich a la McCain, right?

  11. I believe the reaction in rightwing wackaloon land is that because they cannot tolerate the idea of living in a socialist country once Obama takes office many plan to move to Canada. Ranger Bob at the Retread Ranger Station has a round-up of comments from the rightwing blogosphere — he has a much stronger stomach than I do. I never visit the know-nothing sites.

    If Obama does indeed move us left of Canada, I will be a happy camper.

  12. Actually, I’m a thoroughly happy camper now. I know Obama is going to disappoint me (he already has in several areas), I know he’s much too cozy with corporate interests, and that politically he’s right of center. But at least he doesn’t worship ignorance and stupidity the way the Repugnicans do.

  13. Nan: Wackaloon? is that a water sports version of whack-a-mole?

    I do find it interesting that, if a liberal accuses a conservative of having fascist tendencies (Cheney, anyone?), or being secretive, or abusing the Constitution, the entire right, including (but not limited to) radio and television, goes into absolute meltdown but, if a conservative accuses a Democrat of being a socialist, it is considered a valid discussion point. Personally, I think a combination of socialism and capitalism works best — police, public schools, environmental regulation, finace regulation, a social safety net, health care that works, etc. Oddly, if you poll America, a large majority agrees with the individual programs. If you point out that these are ‘socialist’ programs, they all back away. The Republicans have succeeded in framing this argument in a ‘heads, I win, tails, you lose’ way. I don’t think anyone but the very rich want to return to the days of no regulation of business, privately financed police and fire companies (pay now, or we let your house burn), and no public schools. Though to hear the Republicans scream, you’d think a majority wants to back to the ‘good old days.’

    I also know that he will disappoint me. But, at the very least, he will have a reason for the decision, be able to articulate that reason, and will not pander to the extremes of his party or big business (he’s cozy with them (has to be to get elected) but recognizes the necessity of regulation). At the very least, he CAN’T be worse than the current criminals.

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