Yeah! My Team Lost!

4 November, 2008

I have been a Redskins fan since I was born (my dad is from the DC area).  I’m happy that the ‘Skins are having a good year.  I’m surprised that they are having a good year.

Last night, they lost 23 to 6 to the Steelers.  And I’m happy about that.  Why?

The Redskin’s last home game before a Presidential election was, as of last night, 17 for 17 in predicting the national (not Electoral College) vote (I’m not close to being a statistician, but what are the odds? (seriously — what are the odds of being right 17 straight times in a random situation?)).  If the Redskins win their last home game, the incumbent party wins the national vote.  If the ‘Skins lose, the challenging party wins the national vote.

The Redskins lost.  Yeah!  Let’s make it 18 of 18.

Get out and vote.  Help others vote.  Vote! (For, of course, Obama/Biden.)



  1. This is hilarious, I just saw this reported and my first thought was…who the hell figured this out?? Eh, either way, I like it!

  2. DB: Sports geeks (and ESPN is chock full of them) keep track of things like how many pieces of bubble gum Francona (the Red Sox manager) chews during a baseball game. Correlations like this are small potatoes.

  3. I see… great post! This is hilarious.


  4. Ya, they never cease to amaze me. Three people in a row can bunt in the 7th inning with two outs and these guys somehow have at their finger tips the last time that happened way back in 1908…like they were waiting for lightening to strike. Gotta love it.

  5. Hmmm. . . Think some Obama supporters on the Redskins team threw the game? 😀

  6. Pacer521: Welcome to my blog. Good piece of analysis, but I think that the economy, and especially McCain’s reaction to the economy, was at least as important as Palin.

    Kate: Shhhh! Do you really want Faux News or Rush Lumbar to pick up on that meme?

  7. (((Billy))) – are you telling me that my vote today didn’t matter? That the election was already determined by last night’s football game? Damn. I could have slept in for another hour this morning. 😦

  8. Chappie: There’s always the local questions.

  9. This is an example of how god works in mysterious ways. Surely Redskins fans prayed for a win, but their prayers weren’t answered. Why? God had bigger plans. See how that works? See, CLEARLY there is a god. You think a guy like Clinton Portis could simply be stopped by chance? That Leftwich could come off the bench and perform like that without there being a god working the celestial Madden controls? Come on! You atheists should fall to your knees right now!

  10. Philly: First, being a Chiefs fan. Now this. You worry me.

  11. The only local questions we had were one congressman and one bond for parks and recreation facilities.

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