Vote Reality

3 November, 2008

Neoconservatism is based upon faith.  Faith that, if we deregulate business and finance, they will suddenly behave themselves and act ethically.  Faith that, if we lie to children about sex and prophylaxis, they will not experiment with their bodies.  Faith that we will be welcomed with flowers in Bhagdad.  Faith that tax cuts pay for themselves.  Faith that tax cuts for the rich will help the poor.  Faith that one can shape reality, can create a new reality, through sheer willpower.  Faith that, because we are creating a new reality, the laws do not apply.  Faith that everything that our founding fathers wrote has been misinterpreted by virtually every historian and that we are a Christian nation.

Faith, as I have said before (see here and here) is the ability to believe something despite no evidence or evidence to the contrary.

An unwillingness to face reality has created much of the mess in which we find ourselves.  A faith-based government leads to corruption and incompetence.  Worse, though, is that faith foments a black and white, us versus them, dichotomous view of the world.  A Republican with faith, faith that only the Republican Party has the only correct answer, means that compromise is anathema, pragmatism is unholy, and the ‘loyal opposition’ is out to destroy America.

We have now had about 30 years of neoconservatism influence.  This pernicious influence has created a debt of $10.5 trillion.  It has created a maintenance and infrastructure backlog approaching $2 trillion.  It has decimated the middle class.  It is in the process of destroying America and creating in its stead a third-world pseudo-democracy run by an oligarchic class of über-rich.

I plead with any undecided voter, please vote for reality.  Another four years of faith-based government is more that our nation can take.



  1. Screw pleading with them. Offer them (((Scotch))).

  2. Beats vermouth.

    I feel kinda weird. First, I am suggesting (and even pleading) for people to vote in a certain way. Second, people are actually reading what I write. Strange. I wonder if I will actually convince even one person.

  3. Sorry, but I doubt you will change minds. In general 2 types of people visit these sites; those who already agree with you whole-heartedly and those whose faith will never allow them to question if you might be right.

  4. We’ll find out today but it’s a pretty good bet that Obama’s got this whole thing wrapped up. In 2006, Bush admitted his party had received a “thumpin'”.

    Guess what? It’s thumpin’ time again.

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