Tony Hillerman, RIP

27 October, 2008

One of my favourite mystery writers (actually, he’s about the only mystery writer whose work I have really enjoyed), Tony Hillerman, has died.  His books, set in the Four Corner’s region of my childhood, always bring back memories of the reality of the Southwest — the real people of the Southwest — rather than the tourist trap generalizations. When in elementary school, I attended class with Havasu, Hopi and Navajo kids and, in a very small way, saw my world through their eyes.  Their values were different than mine — not wrong, but different.  Hillerman’s plots, always turning on some piece of Native American culture and beliefs, still bring back that different point of view.

I’ll keep reading his books.  And thanking him for his insights.



  1. My favorite Hillerman book is Coyote Waits, but they’re all good. He’s one of the few authors whose work I can re-read and get as much enjoyment from it the second, third, or fourth time as I did the first time around.

  2. Nan: I can’t quite decide which is my favourite. But I have read them all multiple times with relish.

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