You Can’t Make This Shit Up VIII

25 October, 2008

Remember, folks, according to many apologists, Christianity is a tolerant religion which preaches love.  Christianity never, ever, foments violence.  Yet you have shit like this in, of course, a heavily Christian area (Missouri):

KDSK reported that 3 students have been suspend for their role in what was called “hit a Jew” day. At least one student was slapped in the face due to the prank.

“It happened Monday at Parkway West Middle School. Some kids called it ‘Hit a Jew’ Day. At least three children were hit during the incident, all of whom were Jewish. Two were tapped on the shoulder or arm, but one child was slapped in the face.”

“School principal Linda Lelonek said it started last week. The sixth graders decided to have a ‘Hug a Friend’ day. Then it was ‘High-Five Day,’ but teachers did not know what was going on until several kids were hit.”

“Educators said they do not believe the incident was done with hatred or prejudice.”

“There are fewer than 30 Jewish students at Parkway West Middle School, which has an enrollment of 850 students.”

Fewer than 30 Jewish students out of a population of 850.  And educators claim that there was no hatred or prejudice involved.  A small number of an historically persecuted minority are threatened and hit by a majority, and no hate or prejudice is involved?  Slap a Jew day, and no hate or prejudice? As (((Wife))) said, “Uh, right.  It sounds like violence aimed a specific religious group.  What do you call it, then?”

You really can’t make this shit up.


  1. In the tyranny of the majority, its never wrong to hurt the minority. What else could it be but hate and prejudice. At least call it what it is.

  2. Would the school principal be equally unconcerned by a Hit a Bitch Day, or a Hit a Coon Day? Since when is a Hit [insert name here] Day just good, clean fun? We shouldn’t be letting kids hit anyone, period.

    Prejudice is just like religion in this critical respect: the most effective way to propagate it is to indoctrinate children. These kids showed that they’ve properly decoded the subtle messages that are being handed on to the next generation.

  3. Just to balance the scales (currently and historically) I’m all for starting ‘Beat the Living Crap Out of a Christian Day’.

  4. Joe: Welcome and agreed.

    Chappie: They would probably be more concerned about a Hit a Bitch Day or Hit a Coon Day. After all, there are most likely more bitches (sorry) and coons (even more sorry for the perjorative terms) in the school than there are Jews. And do you really think the messages were subtle?

    Ric: (((Wife))) suggested the exact same thing this afternoon. You two scare me.

  5. ()-

    Obviously (((Wife))) and I were made for each other. Mentally speaking, of course.

  6. Ric: That really worries me.

  7. () –

    Imagine how worried (((Wife))) must be… 🙂

  8. Ric: She’s always very worried about me. I give her lots ot worry about.

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