I Am Un-American

25 October, 2008

According to Bachmann of Minnesota, I am Anti-American.  According to the Republican Vice-Presidential candidate, because of where I live, I am not a real American.  I support a candidate for President who is not, according to the McCain campaign, a Patriot.  According to such fascist organizations as Focus on the Family, I, as an atheist, am not a real American.  In the 1950s, I suspect that I would be under investigation by HUAC.  Actually, no.  I’m small potatoes.

So I am un-American.  I have been told that I am un-American to my face.

So what counts for more — actions or beliefs?

I am not trying to brag, but I view my life as having been pretty strong on service to our country.  I volunteered at two different National Park Service  sites and volunteered for the US Army  when I was younger.  I work for the Federal Government even though, in private industry, my skills could bring higher remuneration.  I voluntarily work at forest fires.  I spent three weeks supporting the rescue/recovery efforts after 9/11.  I worked in New Orleans after Katrina.

So obviously, because of where I live, what I believe (or (more accurately) don’t believe), and the candidate I support, I am un-American.



  1. I watched that horrible Congresswoman speak on Hardball the night she made that infamous comment. She’s horrible. She says what the rest of her Party would like to say (but are too smart to say publicly), but can’t. She and the Republican’s are ridiculous. You know, one Huey Long said, “If fascism comes to the United States, it will be draped in an American Flag.” I think he was on to something.

  2. (((Billy))) – if it makes you feel any better, there’s a pretty good chance that the unpatriotic candidate who appears to be the choice of most anti-Americans will win the upcoming election. Those votes will represent the voices of millions of anti-Americans participating in the American activity that they are entitled to participate in, in order to elect the patriot or un-patriot they prefer to lead both pro-America and anti-America.

  3. Kyle: Welcome. I think you are right: every time a Republican neo-conservative politician is honest, a majority of Americans are horrified. For Republicans, honesty is not the best policy.

    Chappie: Assuming, of course, that us anti-Americans are allowed to exercise our franchise to elect the un-patriot.

  4. I don’t understand the poll question, nor the point. I do understand that this woman is primarily a prejudiced cunt counting on the support of other’s prejudice and ignorance to advance her position of power and ultimately, her twisted views.

    We all have our ideas of what America is and should be. Mine come largely from reading the Constitution and the thoughts (and arguments) of the Founders. Where people like her get their ideas of America, I don’t know. I can only imagine someplace dark.

    We’re all Patriots of our respective Americas.

  5. Philly: Hey, it’s my first try at a poll (I just noticed the poll button last night (I’m a little slow)). The point of the question, though, is a pointed barb aimed at the right-wing whacko’s who will lie, subvert democracy, dissenfranchise voters, ignore the constitution, rape civil liberties, and use the government to enrich themselves and their cronies, and then accuse those of us who are honestly trying to make America a better place of not being real Americans. Regardless of belief (to me, at least), patriotism is about actions. Unpatriotic actions are not excused because of political beliefs.

    As to “We’re all Patriots of our respective Americas,” are George W. Bush and Dick Cheney patriots? They have done an excellent job of questioning my patriotism. They have done an excellent job of questioning your patriotism. Are we all patriots? Or do some (most notably on the right) elevate personal power and personal wealth above the good of the nation?

  6. () –

    I always knew you were a lowdown, sneaky, commie snake in the grass, a flag hating, apple pie bashing, God kicking, nasty little anti-American undead fascist Scotch-drinking Frenchie.

    BTW it was the Scotch that gave you away. Real Americans drink Pissweiser.

  7. Ric: I thought real ‘Mercuns drank Coors. Or even worse, Coors Light.

    And the only French ancestry in my family is a touch of French Huguenot. Always the rebel.

  8. I will paraphrase Kirst’s “Gunner Asche” charactor: I will be a “good American” when there is a “good America”.

    I am actually a registered voter as a socialist. I was actually told this was unacceptable in my community (by the person on the desk at the court house) and I told her I couldn’t see why. I knew and cared a lot more about society than the “republicans” knew or cared about the “republic” or the “democrats” knew or cared about “democracy” or even yet, the “demos” who are its (supposed) members.

    Odd thing, since I registered here my wife has been tapped for jury duty three times. I haven’t been tapped even once. Hmmmm. I wonder….

  9. Actually, it was the writer Sinclair Lewis who said “when fascism comes to America it will be draped in the flag and carrying a cross.”

    Ever notice that the people who talk the loudest about patriotism and love of country also tend to be the ones who mock government workers, don’t want to pay taxes, and, if they’re young enough to have never experienced a military draft, have rarely been in the military?

  10. () –

    Ah, but France is a state of mind…

  11. So how you liking GTA IV, Ric?

    W and Cheney and all those crazy loons are patriots. Most of those fucking Nazis were patriots. I think they may honestly believe their shit is what’s best for America, but they’re WAY wrong.

  12. Sarge: I admire you. Very few Americans, no matter how much they appreciate the socialist programs (Medicare, Medicade, Social Security, National Parks, National Forests), are willing to actually use that word to describe themselves.

    (((Wife))) just got tagged for jury duty. First time for either of us in 17 years.

    Nan: Agreed. The most conservative right-winger I know never even considered serving in the military. Though he is willing to work for the government.

    Ric: So is senility.

    Philly: Good point. Most of them really do believe that they are patriots. One of my high school English teachers (American Lit) told us in class that the greatest patriot of the 20th century was McCarthy because he single-handedly saved America from the commies. She thought herself a patriot because she opposed welfare, Medicare, Medicaid, etc. And she thought that all liberals were, by definition, unpatriotic commies. She knew (because God told her in the Bible) that she and McCarthy and Reagan an Nixon were the only ones who could possible be right without a scintilla of doubt in her little pin head. It was a weird class.

  13. Philly –

    I never played GTA. Still struggling with spiders in Doom and machine gun placements in the dungeons of Half-Life 2.

    () –

    Hmmm, a senilist remark here, an ageist remark in another thread. The Lion might think you’re getting snippy with him. You’re not dissing The Lion, are you, young feller?

  14. Ric: I would never dis your advanced years. Agism is now considered discrimination.

  15. Pissweisser is the beer in GTA IV. I thought maybe you were playing it, Ric.

  16. Philly –

    GTA is probably too rough for someone of my delicate sensibilities and tender emotions.l

    () –

    I dunno, kiddo. I’m gonna run your remarks through my patented ‘Dis Detector’.

  17. Ric: Congratulations: You are commenteer number 2,000. Your prize is a neurotic cat. When will you be picking him up?

  18. You’re kidding, right? The first time I win a prize since 1959 and it’s a neurotic cat? From Pennsylvania? I feel so cursed… er… honored.

    Meet me behind Starbucks after midnight the night of the election. Bring the cat. If my vet approves of the cat and you pay me five hundred dollars plus a year’s worth of cat food (the good stuff), I’ll accept the honor you’ve so neurotically awarded me.

    But if McCain wins the deal is off. I can’t take cats where I’ll be going.

  19. Ric: So sorry. (((Wife))) just found out I am trying to give Sherman the Cat away. He is very attached to (((Wife))). Literally. He suckles on her pajamas. In lieu of Sherman the Neurotic Cat, will you accept my permission to have a drink (non-alcoholic, of course)?

  20. Does this mean you’ll send me (((Scotch))) or (((Vermouth))) instead of the cat?

  21. Ric: Neither Scotch nor Vermouth are non-alcoholic. I offered permission for you to indulge in a non-alcoholic beverage. Other than Starbucks, when’s the last time you had an NA beverage?

  22. Well, what if I promise to remove the alcohol from the Scotch or Vermouth? Scout’s Honor. (I used to be a Scout, really I did.)

    [Of course you realize that in the interest of maintaining good relations with you and yours that I am entirely ignoring the whole ‘permission’ thing you started. Otherwise I’d have to kill you.]

  23. And BTW I drink a liter of unadulterated water every day. Poland Spring. And some milk. And occasionally pomegranate juice. And coffee, of course, but I don’t consider that a beverage, a word which has a certain degree of effete connotation, whereas coffee is a necessity.

  24. Ric: Go ahead. Remove the alcohol from the bottles. See if I care. Enjoy.

    Poland Spring Water is very good mixed with bourbon. Milk and rum, known as Sweet Milk, was popular in pre-revolution Cuba. Pomegranate Juice works real well for a martini. Coffee goes well with Bailey’s Irish Cream. Not that I’m suggesting anything.

  25. Ah, the voice of experience….

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