The Stupid Hurts. It Hurts Lots.

14 October, 2008

Not that I want to popularize the site, but (thanks to Pharyngula) I discovered this piece of dreck.  It is a site called, I kid you not, Pray for McCain-Palin.  One of the pages is a list of specific prayer requests:

* Pray for Wisdom for Senator McCain and Governor Palin
Praying for wisdom for both McCain and Palin is a good idea.  They could seriously use it.  Big Time.

* Pray for their safety and that of their families
Can’t argue with this one.*  Of course, given Palin’s concern for her youngest child (going into labour and breaking water in Texas but ‘holding it’ until arriving in Alaska does not promote the safety of a child), lots of help is needed for at least one of the candidates.

* Pray for their relationship to God to be strengthened during this campaign
Yeah, because we really want our leader to have an imaginary friend who tells him (or her) who to nuke.

* Pray for the enemies of America to be thwarted during this campaign season and beyond
And will Armageddonists** be praying to hurry the second coming?

* Pray for the peace of mind of the candidates & their families and that they will be able to weather Satan’s attacks
Satan’s attacks.  That would be people like me who point out reality to the reality-challenged?  Who note that faith-based government has never worked?

* Pray for those reading these earnest prayer requests who mock God and his people
Oh.  Wait.  That’s me.

* Pray for the remaining debates
To be informative?  To have a moderator willing to call out the bullshit?

* Pray that truth and justice will prevail
Truth and justice only prevail when evidence is given full weight and belief is removed.

* Pray for America up to and following the election, that peace would reign supreme throughout the land   regardless of the outcome
Of course, based upon the name of the site, we know what outcome these asshats think would create armageddon world peace.

* Pray for the election to be fair and for voter fraud to be thwarted and the perpetrators of such prosecuted no matter what side they come from
Repeat after me:  Voter fraud is such an incredibly minor problem in the US that it is not worth pursuing.  Despite millions of dollars, the FBI has been able to prosecute around a dozen instances of voter fraud.  However, the FBI has also ignored real evidence, form Ohio, of fraud on the part of those running the election (that was Republicans last election).

* Pray for Senator Biden’s family on the loss of his mother-in-law
No argument.*

* Pray for the McCain and Palin Sons and all of our military personnel in harm’s way
Of course, note that they do not, specifically, ask for support for Biden’s son.  Maybe that’s because Biden’s son is not being used as a political prop for a right-wing campaign based upon fear, loathing and lies.

Then again, if they spend all their time praying and forget to vote, wouldn’t that be a net positive?

*  Actually, I do have an argument with these requests for prayers.  Actually, all of them.  Prayer does not work.  Never has.  Never will.  All prayer is is a way to feel like you are doing something while doing nothing.

**  And on a completely different subject, the word armaggedonists is not in my spell check.  The word suggested?  Accordianist.  Makes as much sense as the rest of this post.



  1. Would those enemies of America also include the misguided who, although think they’re helping America by keeping it ignorant, uneducated and moving toward a Christian theocracy, are actually a very serious threat and therefore an enemy of America?

    How exactly do they identify Satan’s attacks? How are they distinguished from other attacks?

    Anyone else see the irony in praying for truth and justice when the National Day of Prayer, like other government sanctioned religious nods, are truly unjust according to our Constitution?

    You did see this prayer at a MacCain rally, right?

  2. Philly: Yes. I did see it. I actually felt physically ill when I saw it. But remember — McCain is trying to reach out to all Americans. Well, not atheists, but all real Americans. Okay, not liberals either. Or centrists. Or basically anyone but the extreme political and religious right. And that prayer fits right in.

  3. With regard to voter fraud – you’re right, it is rare. On the other hand, the Republicans have gotten pretty good at election fraud, whereby they find lots of ways to invalidate votes against their candidate (like, say, invalidating voter registrations, disputing particular ballots, etc.).

  4. Chappie: Not to mention intimidation of voters through scare tactics and intimidation of election officials like they did during the Florida recount in 2000. Anti-democratic asshats!

  5. Oh, I lol’d at the first prayer. What does it say if your supporters want you to have wisdom?

  6. Shawn: Welcome to my blog. If the first prayer is a prayer for your leaders to have wisdom, you must be a fundogelical Christianist Dominionist right-wing asshat whacko Republican suppressionist. If you can read and understand the multisylabic words typed above, you aren’t.

  7. If only there were also a prayer that all homosexuals immediately turn straight and all pro-choice folks spontaneously combust, for the sake of the “pro-Americans.” Or was that implied in “enemies of America?”

  8. Kmiffitt: Welcome. Glad you could stop by. I strongly suspect (though I cannot prove it) that the areas Palin claims are the ‘real America,’ inhabited by ‘pro-Americans’ who aren’t being represented by ‘anti-America’ senators and representatives, are far more likely to be praying, but not for wisdom. They would be praying for the instant immolation of all gays, free-thinkers, and ‘others.’

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