The New Republican Plan: Planning for Failure

10 October, 2008

John S. McCain has thrown in the proverbial towel.  He and his Rovian minions have decided that there is no possible way in which they can pull this election out of their collective asses.  So now, with an eye towards a major defeat in November, the Republicans are doing what they do best when they lose:  denial.

Already, Republicans (along with RepubliPravda (Fox News)) have begun poisoning the political landscape.  ACORN (the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) is, thanks to some overzealous register workers, accused of creating tens of thousands, nay, hundreds of thousands of false voter registrations in order to throw the election to Obama.

The accusation is nonsense.  If a Dominoes worker in Cleveland was convinced to register three times, it was ACORN which was the victim of fraud (they (stupidly (in my opinion)) pay their workers piecemeal, which invites low-income workers to inflate registration numbers.  There’s no way he can vote three times as the two fraudulent registrations were thrown out by ACORN!  The radical right knows that this is bullshit, but they have a good reason for throwing the bullshit around.

McCain and Pit Bull Palin are accusing Obama of aiding and abetting terrorists (when, apparently, he was eight years old).  They are accusing Obama of being a socialist.  They are accusing him of killing babies, of wanting to give free drugs to inner-city blacks, of being an elitist.  They are accusing him of virtually every single right-wing canard of which their little minds can concieve.  The radical right (at least the people spreading the lies) knows that this is bullshit, but, again, they have a good reason for throwing the bullshit around.

That good reason?  Delegitimizing the upcoming electoral victory of Barack H. Obama. 

As I said at the top of this piece, McCain and the ‘leadership’ of the Republican Party know that they are going to lose, and lose badly, come November.  Will they admit that, possibly, the American public is not nearly as conservative as the Republicans (and RepubliPravda) would like?  No way in hell will that happen.

The new conservatives cannot admit that they are wrong on anything.  They see admitting to a mistake as weakness.  They see admitting to a mistake as un-American.

Instead, they will lie about this election.  The lies I see coming?

  1. McCain was not conservative enough.  Conservatism did not lose the election, McCain’s liberal tendencies lost the election.
  2. McCain actually won the election, but massive voter fraud (ACORN) stole the election from him.  A centrist (in Republican lingo, a radical leftist) could not have defeated a conservative, therefore the election is not legitimate.
  3. McCain was done in by the Liberal Main Stream Media.  Never mind that McCain was treated with kid-gloves until he really started to become unhinged and Obama’s every connection to everyone has been investigated inside and out.
  4. McCain was defeated by an unholy alliance of Muslim terrorists and leftist radicals left over from the 1960s.
  5. There are probably more, but that’s all I can think of now.  If anyone has any to add, I’ll gladly put them on my list.

Never mind that these explanations are self-contradictory.  Contradictions have never stopped the right.  Never mind that these explanations are all bullshit.  The right knows that they are bullshit.  They are feeding them into the news cycle now so that, come election day, Barack Obama’s legitimacy will be questioned by, at least, one in three Americans. 

This questions about the legitimacy of the election will incite the unhinged right to violence.  It will provide audiences for Limbaugh, Hannity, O’Reilly, and all the other hate mongers.  And it will ‘force’ the press to be exceptionally harsh on Obama to play down the liberal media stereotype.

The Republicans have been good at winning elections for the last thirty years.  Part of winning has been a refusal to admit defeat.  Defeat stems from voter fraud, the unfair press, or a plethora of other reasons.  Defeat is always a chimera, an illusion created by the evil liberals.

The leadership of the Republican Party will lie, cheat and steal in order to avoid admitting to the existence of reality:  conservatism has ossified and is incapable of coming up with any idea except tax cuts for the rich.  Conservatism has failed, and the right is laying the groundwork to deny that this has happened.  By convincing themselves that Barack Obama did not defeat either a true conservative nor any of the ‘ideas’ of conservatism, that the election was stolen, the Republican Party can continue to inhabit a fantasy world of their own making.



  1. One can’t but wonder: are the “major” parties wondering about throwing the election? Maybe sort of handing it to Nader (or another small case party), letting them flounder around with the Bush mess, get ham strung and harrassed by the republicrat congress, just lay low for four years, then “ride to the rescue” and take credit for anything positive..

    It won’t happen, of course, but I wonder if in their more lucid moments the Obamacane pair are looking at the future with personal misgivings.

  2. Sarge – I have wondered for the past two years why anyone would want to follow Bush and clean up his mess.

  3. Sarge: I can see Republicans doing that. I can’t see Democrats doing it because (and I speak as a Democrat, so I am biased) Democrats actually think that the government can accomplish positive things. The Republicans (and all of their mouthpieces) will, I am sure, try to block any attempt by an Obama administration through legal and legislative means. Then they will point at a lack of progress and say, “See, we told you he couldn’t do anything!”

    I am not wild about Obama — he is too conservative for me (I am left of center, Obama is (by international standards) right of center) but at least there are positive ideas coming from his campaign. McCain has no new ideas. His only ideas are tax cuts for the rich (which I ain’t) and deregulation (which just creates future problems).

    Chappie: The circus has been in town for almost eight years. Someone has to clean up all the shit the elephants left behind. And we know the Republicans aren’t really into cleaning up messes.

  4. Billy: While I think individual Democrats think the government can accomplish positive things (and individual Republicans, too, for that matter, as I am one), I am far beyond the delusion that either party cares about anything but winning.

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