Those Who Live In Glass Houses . . . .

9 October, 2008

A phrase I heard quite often as a child was, “Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.”  Of course, being a kid, I figured it had to do with one of the times (or all of the times) I put a baseball (or a rock) through a window.  As I matured (yes, I really did!), I came to understand it was a modernized version of John 8:7:

So when they continued asking him [to stone the woman to death], he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.

When dealing with the modern Republican party, I wonder whether any of McCain’s seven or eight houses have any windows left unbroken.

He, Palin, and his Rovian minions have been attempting to tar Obama by claiming that the Democratic candidate has been dishonest about the depth of his relationship with ex-Weatherman Ayers.  McCain didn’t mention it during the debate and, a day or two ago, said that Ayers was off the table for the remainder of the campaign. Which turned out to be the next day.  Despite all of the political archaeologists sifting through Barack Obama’s history, there is no smoking gun showing anything other than a rather distant professional relationship between the candidate and the wanna-be 60s terrorist.

Oddly, McCain’s smoking guns are out there for all to see. 

From the Chicago Tribune:  John McCain professes that J. Gordon Liddy (convicted felon who sought to subvert the Constitution of the United States, organized a break-in at the DNC, and proposed kidnapping and murder to create confusion and silence a journalist) is a good friend.  When McCain appeared on Liddy’s radio program, he gushed, “I’m proud of you, I’m proud of your family.  It’s always a pleasure for me to come on your program, Gordon, and congratulations on your continued success and adherence to the principles and philosophies that keep our nation great.”  Lying.  Cheating.  Subversion.  Must be a Republican definition of ‘great.’ 

Okay, maybe an unrepentant convicted felon is no big deal for a politician.  We all know some unsavory characters, right? How about being a member of a group which financed terrorists? The U.S. Council for World Freedom, created by retired General Singlaub, financed right-wing death squads in Central America.

McCain has said he resigned from the council in 1984 and asked that his name be removed from the group’s letterhead in 1986. Singlaub doesn’t remember McCain ever doing that, and neither does the person who ran the group’s day-to-day activities.

But whether McCain is being truthful or not about how, whether, and when he dissociated himself from the group is only part of the problem. Sam Stein explained in a good piece that the real focus here is that McCain associated himself “with a group that reportedly circumvented law, financed right-wing military institutions, and engaged in sometimes brutal anti-communist tactics.” (From The Washington Monthly)

The death squads were killing communists (basically, anyone who was pro-democracy or pro-human rights) and liberals, so it was actually a good thing.

If John McCain’s well-documented past associations were covered with even half the intensity of Obama’s loose affiliation with a man who, when Obama was eight years old, was a member of an incompetent domestic terrorist group, McCain would never have made it out of the primaries.

Of course, John McCain has been allowing others to hammer away at the ‘Obama is a Terrorist’ theme (he apparently lacks the cojones to either take the lead himself or confront Obama directly at the debate).  Fox News, of course, has been covering it with the same intensity of a Brad and Angelina sighting.  Sarah Palin, the pit bull with lipstick, is all over the debunked story like an Alaskan governor on an aerial hunt.

Of course, if Palin were covered as closely as Obama, the problems with her taxes (she did not pay taxes on her family’s travel paid for by the state) or her husband’s close association with a secessionist group dedicated to the violent separation of Alaska from the rest of the United States, would be top of the hour, bottom of the hour, every hour, on every cable news outlet.

I guess that the ‘liberal main stream media’ really isn’t all that liberal.  Republicans get a pass on things which would knock a Democrat out of a campaign faster than McCain can change his stance on, well, just about anything.  Maybe, as McAin’t and apPaling continue to create links which are either non-existent or, at best, tenuous, the MSM will start doing their job and actually do some real investigative reporting and blow these two lying idiots out of the water, out of the campaign, and out of a job.

I think that giant winged porcupines are more likely than the press doing their job on both sides of a campaign.

Update:  This was on Crooks and Liars this morning.  (Where was it last night when I was writing this?)  It illustrates Palin’s willingness to use the far-right radicals and secessionists for political power.


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