The Answer Is No!

4 October, 2008

To whoever it was who used the search term “Does Absinthe Prevent Sexually-Transmitted Diseases?”:

The answer is NO!  Abstinence is quite effective (but only if people (including sex-crazed teenagers and young adults) can be counted to actually BE abstinent in all situations (and teaching abstinence-only instead of real sex-education tends to actually increase the likelihood of unprotected sex)).  Condoms help.  Alcohol tends to have a deleterious effect.  And, as Absinthe is an alcoholic beverage . . . . (C’mon, folks, do I have to spell it out?)



  1. Another reason that absinthe doesn’t prevent sexually transmitted diseases: It makes the heart grow fonder.

  2. Ex: Never tried the stuff. I prefer scotch. Does it actually make the heart grow stronger, or does it merely disable the higher functions of the brain and allow the illusion of hearted fondness to become a percieved reality?

  3. Sorry, Ex. Just got it. Bad pun. No donut!

  4. This is complete BS. All you googlers who find this page, do not listen to this nonsense. Absinthe does indeed protect you from not only STD’s like babies, buts AIDS too!

  5. Babies is a pretty bad STD.

  6. Well if Absinthe doesn’t work I heard that this guy from Ghent that had an interesting technique

  7. There’s no such thing as a “bad pun”. The bigger the groan, the better.

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