Today Was a Funny Day

2 October, 2008

Well, not really.  The day was remarkably mediocre.  I had very few projects piled up on my desk.  I only had 160 emails piled up at my work email address.  On the way home, though, things began to look up.

I was listening to NPR while driving south on I-81.  NPR had sent a reporter to Pennsylvania to interview voters.  Southwestern Pennsylvania.  You know, the part of PA where the Klan is still active?  Anyway, one man they interviewed said that a couple of decades ago, he would never have even considered voting for a black man, but now he’s not as prejudiced because he has ‘worked with, um, coloreds.’  Another said that he could not tolerate McCain, but he was very impressed with Palin because ‘she doesn’t owe anything to anyone in Washington.  She is her own person.’  Right.  Palin doesn’t owe anyone and is her own person.  Damn.  National Public Radio comedy hour.  Har-de-har-har.

Once I got home, the humour continued.  (((Girl))) asks, “Why do Christians put the fish on the back of their car?”

“I give up, why?”

“Because they have no clue how to spell ‘Jesus.'”

(((Wife))) got off a couple of good ones, too.  “NASCAR has just about the only banks in America that are still stable.”  And, “We’ve got a new American superhero:  Maxxed Out Man!” (Go ahead, Philly, come up with a costume for Maxxed Out Man.  I dare you.)

It feels odd to work in an office where I am one of the normal ones.  It feels even stranger that I am not the weirdest person in my house.

Is it too late to try the dominant male, Christianist, woman-in-her-place, children-must-obey, children-should-be-seen-and-not-heard, right-wing schtick to cut down on the bad jokes?



  1. (((Billy))) get out NOW!
    you are way outnumbered and outwitted LOL

  2. Those car symbols really make me wonder sometimes.

    A woman ran me down with her Jeep two summers ago and I was laying half under it and half out. Very hot August day and it was like laying on a frying pan. People were beeping their horns and shouting, and she almost pulled out and ranover me again.

    Almost every car that pulled out around her and passed (almost crushing my head) had a Jesus fish, a Masonic or K of C emblem or some anti abortion or religious bumper sticker. on it.

  3. Those with the “Not perfect, just forgiven” bumper stickers end up being just about the worst drivers I’ve ever seen.

  4. Sarge: I liken it to the bull testicles we see hanging from the back end of a truck — overcompensation.

    Tungtide: I haven’t noticed a correlation between stickers and driving. Phones and driving, yes. Stickers, no.

  5. I know a guy who has such testicles hanging from his trailer hitch. Yet, why does he refer to his truck as “she”?

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