I Am Back

30 September, 2008

I am back from the fire, safe and sound.  During the two weeks I was there, the fire grew from 3,500 acres to 20,000 acres.  Obviously, I’m good for business.  The fire was safe (the few medical evacs were twists and sprains, plus some allergic reactions).

Beautiful area (just south of Crater Lake National Park.  Wow!

I’ll write more (including a real interesting conversation I overheard) when I’m done reacquainting myself with (((Wife)))!

Plus doing laundry.  Everything smells like smoked Gouda.



  1. Welcome back – it’s good to know you’re safe.

    Why would you not want things to smell of smoked cheese? I can’t think of a more pleasurable scent for laundry.

  2. Yunshui:

    Smoked Gouda ain’t bad, but when it permeates the clothing (and thus the hotel room (I asked for a smoker’s room so I wouldn’t offend any future inhabitants of room 151), airplanes, car, and house) it can a little overwhelming. Strange, though, that a combination of wood smoke and sweat creates smoked cheese.

    (((Wife))) just pulled the second load out of the washer. She laundered my nuts (smoked almonds left in my pocket).

  3. (((Wife))) just … laundered my nuts

    More than we wanted to know…

    Welcome back.

  4. Aw, Ric, are you jealous? Seriously, I have got to start checking my pockets for various strange items.

  5. Welcome back.

    Hmmm… smoked nuts that smelled like cheese…EEEEWWWWW.


  6. Hey Billy — welcome back. I enjoy your blog a lot.

  7. Poodles: You really shouldn’t let your mind wander like that. That kind of association is just, well, um, strange?

    jman30: Glad to be back, and I’m glad you enjoy my blog.

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