A Little Bit of Housekeeping

12 September, 2008

Yesterday’s 9/11 post  was, coincidentally, my 200th post.  I wish to hell I could always write like that.  Unfortunately, I very rarely have that much emotion, am that troubled, or that depressed.  Or maybe fortunately.  It was not what I had planned.  I had planned to discuss how the Republicans used national unity to force through their neocon agenda, demonize large chunks of the American populace, and start a voluntary war.  The response to the attack could have been positive, but conservatism has never been real positive, so I guess that was always an impossibility.

Anyway, if you look up at the bottom of my son’s watercolour painting, you will notice that “Saved by the Bill” is gone.  No responses.  Seemed like a good idea at the time.

Instead, there is now a “Contact Me” page for anyone who (for reasons I cannot fathom at this time) wants to contact me off line.  My email address is iambilly@doubt.com billytheatheist@gmail.com (it is not my regular address, merely my email for this blog). 

Today, I got hits from people searching “decomposing flesh,” “decomposing music,” and “9/11 smell of flesh.”  Who the heck searches these terms?  And, more important, why?  Of course, yesterday, I was found through searches of “Campbell’s Pepper Pot and Scotch  Broth” and “Scrapple and American Cheese.” And I still get about 10 visitors a day looking for “Absinthe.”  Strange.

Anyhoo, just thought I’d mention the changes.



  1. When I put the feedjit widgit on my blog I too was surprised as to the search words that drove visitors to my blog. I wrote about the Lake Berryessa glory hole and I get daily visitors looking for the other “glory holes”

    And, I saw your blog linked at Poodles page and decided to come on by.

  2. Thanks for you 9th September post. I really enjoyed it. Congrats on your 200th blog.

    Search terms are always good. I like this one that comes up rather too frequently for my liking: llama sex stories

    Still, I might use glory hole a couple of times….

  3. Joe: Welcome to my blog. Glory hole. Kinda makes me wonder what they were actually looking for.

    Bruce: Llama sex stories? Well, the Inca nobility enjoyed the use of alpaca and vicuna, so I guess llama sex is not that out there. I think the llamas were too ‘rough’ and common for the nobility, they were just for the peasants.

  4. ha, my top search term is still “china porn” (also typed in as “chinaporn”)

    stems from my post (4 Aug) on the internet censorship in china at the start of the olympic games. the article also discussed australia’s hypocrisy on the issue as some politicians are talking about censoring porn on our internet.

  5. If it’s any consolation to you I ended up here by searching ‘decomposing flesh’. I’m trying to find references for special effects make up for a film, it’s a little disturbing but I try to be accurate. So at least we’re not ALL just morbid weirdos.

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