A Simpler Way Of Saying: McCain/Palin is Dangerous

6 September, 2008

Yesterday, I  posted a long (and somewhat rambling) rant describing the ways in which John McCain has sold out, thrown away whatever honour he still had, and dropping his principles, and giving some thought  as to why he sold out.  In short, I consider the theocratic bent of the Republican Party, as illustrated by McCains sudden move from the far right to the extreme right and his pick of Palin as his running mate, to be orders of magnitude more dangerous than the Democratic Party’s willingness to use religious groups for community organizing.  I now realize that I could have been far more effective at stressing the danger of McCain/Palin by just pointing out this fact:  Dr. James Dobson now loves McCain

Need I say more?  (Not to worry.  With the election two months away, I’m sure I’ll revisit this.)



  1. Dobson still hates McCain, but he loves Sarah Palin. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if some fundogelicals are hoping (and praying) that McCain croaks quickly so that Palin can move to the head of the class. The horrifying thing is, regardless of anyone’s hopes and prayers, that’s not an unlikely scenario.

  2. Chappie: Some of them are praying for his death after the election. An imprecatory prayer against a Republican. Who’d a thunk it?

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