John McCain: Sell Out!

5 September, 2008

Theocracy:  (thkr-s)
n. pl. the·oc·ra·cies
1. A government ruled by or subject to religious authority.
2. A state so governed.

Republican:  See above.

Republican Party Candidate John McCain has a minor problem.  It’s the same problem Bob Dole had.  The problem?  He has put in his time and it is his turn to be President of the United States of America.  But now he’s afraid that he may not get to the promised land — the Oval Office.

When McCain ran for President back in 2000, he was a Republican oddity.  He was, if not pro-choice, at least ambivalent about abortion.  He (correctly) called the religious right ‘agents of intolerance.’  He claimed there was a special place in hell for dirty tricksters like Tucker Eskew(the man who orchestrated the ‘push poll’ suggesting McCain had fathered a black child out of wedlock).  The McCain  of 2000 was a slightly right of center, not-too-bright candidate with a good story (did you know he was a POW for five-and-a-half years?).  Unfortunately, he is not the same candidate running for President now.

John McCain has now become a true Republican:  his job is not to govern, it is to win.  Win at all costs.  Win no matter how many different ways he has to sell his honour.  No matter how many times he must pander.

Early on, McCain was considered a front-runner for the Republican nomination.  Then he did some stupid things (well, stupid in terms of the Republican Party) including an immigration reform bill that was actually, you know, reforming.  And his poll numbers dropped through the floor.

Now that might not have bothered the John McCain of 2000, but now, at age 72 (of which over 5 years was spent as a POW), he knows that this is his last chance.  If he does not win this year, he will never get another chance.  If he does not win this election, he will be too old to run in 2012.  So what does he do?  Does he go down gracefully, standing on his honour, upholding his principles?  No this edition of John McCain.  He just sold his political honour and did pretty much the same thing to his principles that Enron did to their stock:  made it worthless.

He suddenly discovered he was vehemently anti-abortion and anti-stem-cell-research.  He suddenly discovered that the immigration bill he had sponsored was too extreme for his Republican base.  He suddenly discovered that the troops did not need education or health care.  He suddenly discovered that drilling for oil everywhere was the key to all our energy needs.  He suddenly discovered that voting against alternative energy research brought in the big bucks from the oil companies.  He suddenly discovered that torture wasn’t actually torture. He suddenly discovered that America is a Christian nation.  And yet, aside from big oil, the Republican base (read that as the radical right wing Christianist, Dominionist, Fundamentalist faithful) was still lukewarm.

John McCain knows that he still has the same problem. It’s his turn to be President, and, because he embraces all that Bush II stands for, and has no ideas of his own (tax cuts, stay the course, fight them there so we don’t fight them here), even Rovian numbers don’t add up to a Republican victory.  He desperately needs the right wing agents of intolerance.

Enter the 11th hour (hell, 11:59:59 hour) Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska.  This can kill two birds with one stone — all of the Hillary PUMA’swill flock to her (she has ovaries) and, with her anti-environment, pro-oil, anti-education, anti-choice, anti-helping-teen mothers, pro-capital punishment stands, she will please (to the point of orgasm) the religious and social right wing wackos.  Add in her connection to the secessionist Alaska Independence Party (which will bring in the anti-government right (including the ‘we never lost the Civil War’ groups)), her pro-gun and pro-hunting-from-airplanes, and all bases (pun intended) are covered.

But a funny thing happened.  McCain’s Rovian minions left the vetting to the newspapers, television, and the tabloids.  Bristol Palin’s pregnancy, abuse of power, attempted book banning, a Dominionist church and a juicy divorce (the attempt to seal the divorce proceedings of her best friend failed today) and the press goes into a restrained feeding frenzy (imagine the press reaction had Sarah Palin been a Democrat). 

Then she reads an acceptable attack speech at the convention (some right-wing blogs are claiming (blatant lie) that the teleprompter broke and the acceptable speech was done from memory).  The right goes into religious ecstasy.  And, best of all, the ‘vicious left wing attacks’ by those ‘evil left-wing fringe lunatic bloggers’ and the ‘liberal media’ (which is just the press doing its job) give the Republican faithful and Republican mouthpieces and the media’s best friend John McCain a chance to attack the press for doing their job.

The Presidential candidate gave a speech which was long on John McCain, and short on America.  He presented no policies or proposals save for a continuation of the last four years.  It is all about John McCain and that to which he is entitled.

John McCain, through his speech and his cynical selection of Sarah Palin, has managed to mobilize the Republican Party in a way that amazes me.  Despite the economy, the war, the deficit, the spending, the corruption and the abject failure of 30 years of modern conservative influence and power, some of these faith-based asshats actually think that they could win and, having won, govern effectively.  John McCains desperation has given him the excuse he needed to ditch his principles and all of his vaunted (though fictional) maverickism.

John McCain thinks he is entitled to be President.  He has faith (which, of course, trumps reality) that he must win.  He cannot accept that he might lose the election.  His last-ditch attempt to win the election has been a cynical sell-out to the worst of American right-wing politics — social extremism, Christian extremism, anti-government extremism, and anti-education extremism.  He has pandered, sold out, compromised his principles, defiled his honour and done everything short of kissing George W. Bush’s and Dick Cheney’s asses in an attempt to win what he believes is his — the Presidency of the United States of America.

John McCain and Sarah Palin would make Bush and Cheney look good in comparison.  His sell-out to the theocratic right-wing makes him extremely dangerous.  Extremely.  McCain and Palin are a long-jump towards an Iranian-style theocracy.



  1. Yeah, I’m scared about the McCain/Palin theocracy. I’m also scared of this one.

  2. This post is the perfect explanation of what happened to McCain. Now the right who can’t stand McCain has their own little puppy to rabidly defend. McCain has gone to lowest, most respectable levels to appease his “base” and get elected.

  3. McCain/Palin has to be one of the scariest tickets in American history.

  4. Ex: Yeah, I’m not to wild about that part of the Democratic Party. Social policy, educatonal policy, environmental policy, foreign policy — the middle-right Democratic platform is much closer to my middle-left politics than the neo-Nazi TheoRepublicans.

    DB: I don’t think the theocratic base likes McCain any more now than six months ago, but his selection of Palin as a running mate has them all foaming at the mouth at the thought of an early death for their dear leader.

    Chappie: Nixon would be an improvement.

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