Did McAin’t Think This One Through?

29 August, 2008

Yeah, I know, stupid question, right?

John McAin’t has had a problem with the evangelical right wing.  The fruit loops who think America was founded as a Christian nation; that our Constitution is based upon the Ten Commandments; that public school children need to be forced to pray; that any woman who is pregnant should be forced to carry the fetus to term; that facts don’t matter because faith changes facts; and that evolution is ‘just a theory’ have just never been wild about McAin’t.  He keeps flip-flopping on abortion, he has no clue what church he belongs to, and had the nerve to call the radical religious right ‘agents of intolerance.’

To sooth the vile and vicious beast, he named Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate.  Palin believes that women should not be in charge of their own bodies, that schools should ‘teach the controversy,’ and that a personal relationship with a mythical super-Santa up in the sky should determine what she ‘thinks’ about anything.  In short, he is running with an inexperienced small town mayor who will get him votes because she is (a) a woman, (b) a Right-wing zealot, (c) a real Christian, (d) anti-gay and (e) a woman.

The pick is cynical.  He thinks (or rather his Rovian minions think) that because she’s a woman, she will steal all the Hillary Democrats and at the same time she will mollify the religious right.  I think he’s wrong on both counts.

First, the Hillary Democrats will not magically vote their ovaries for a Vice Presidential candidate who stands for everything Hillary Clinton doesn’t.  Second, Timothy 2:11 – 12.

Timothy 2:11   Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection.

Timothy 2:12  But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.

The religious supporters of the Republican Party tend to come from the evangelical and Biblical literalist insane part of Christianity.  They actually believe that the adulterated and mistranslated legends about a mythical mystic are, even when they contradict themselves, the absolute and unchanging truth.

So women are expected to be silent and learn (I presume learn their place (under men)).  Doesn’t the Vice Presidential candidate spend a great deal of time campaigning?  You know, giving speeches.  Giving press conferences (oh, wait, Republicans don’t DO press conferences).  Talking to donors.  Sounds like she is going against the Bible.

A woman is not supposed to teach.  So how is she supposed to convince people that restricting rights and giving lots of money to big business is the way to go? 

A woman should not usurp authority over man.  If McAin’t is elected and then one of his four cancers, or his heart, kills him (and I am not advocating this, just playing what if), Palin would become President.  She would be in charge of the Executive Branch of the United States Government.  There are lots of men who work for the Executive Branch (I’m one).  But the Bible says she cannot be in charge of men.

So if Biblical literalist Christians actually believe what they say they believe, they cannot, under any circumstances, vote for a McAin’t/Palin ticket.  It goes against the Bible.

Of course, Biblical literalists tend to pick and choose what parts of the Bible are relevant:  stoning people who work on Sunday or wear cloth with different threads or eat shellfish all seem to have gone by the wayside as ‘no longer relevant.’

So I guess that cognitive dissonance will kick in and the sheeple will just vote for Republicans because the are the god party. And the Bible only tells the truth when it is convenient.  And doesn’t require actual, you know, effort.



  1. What a perfect summary of everything McCain’s VP choice made me feel! It enrages me to no end that she was chosen simply because McCain was stupid enough to believe she’ll bring him more voters. I always thought VPs should be chosen based on their ability to lead, should anything happen to the president. But I must just be a crazy woman who hasn’t spent enough time under the oppression of a male as per biblical law.

  2. Maybe we can hope that the Cognitive Dissonance will kick in on election day and not let them get to the polls.

  3. Ashley: Thanks for stopping by. For the Republicans, ever since Quayle, Veeps have been chosen to calm the base: either radical right wing Christian (Quayle, Palin) or radical right wing oil (Cheney).

    ThomDG: Welcome to my blog. I hope that McAin’t forgets his Alzheimer’s pills and forgets to pander to the right. That’ll keep ’em at home (unfortunately, they will probably be producing more quivverful christianist kids).

  4. I hope this actually costs him votes in the end. I hope that the usual religious redneck “my wife won’t work” republican types won’t vote for him, because she is a woman.

  5. This hasty and desperate decision(as well as purely political) should tell anyone who’s voting for McCain something about his judgment. Obama chose his VP in a methodical, and intensive vetting process, choosing someone who would be able to take over if something happened (FSM forbid). The 72 yr old cancer survivor McCain chose an inexperienced beauty queen who’s only been governor of the least populous state for 20 months in a pathetic attempt to bolster his base (which speaks volumes about his campaign if he still has to convince his base). Is this the guy we want making complex, nuanced, and far reaching decisions about foreign affairs?

  6. Yeah, and Timothy was a putz, too. Must’ve been a Republican.

  7. I have two theories. Theory 1 is that everyone who was remotely qualified turned him down — Mitt, Bobby Jindal, Condi, you name it, they all figured his campaign is doomed and didn’t want to watch their political futures go down in flames with McSame.

    Theory 2 is that McSame knows the country is in the toilet after 8 years of Bush and he really doesn’t want to get stuck with cleaning it up. Being Prez sounded good when it seemed like a long shot to him; now the reality has sunk in and he’s deliberately trying to lose.

  8. Nan –

    Nah. If he wanted to lose he would have picked one of the Rep mucky mucks like Lieberman and not announced it until the convention. He announced this witch the morning after Obama’s speech in order to put the news spotlight on her and the Reps and take it off Obama. Johnny Bomb Bomb is playing hardball, his brand of it anyway.

    Romney wanted it. He’s always wanted it. He figures Jonny Mac is dead inside a year of cancer, heart attack, or slips completely into senility, and then the Mitten would have the White House.

    Jindal does exorcisms. He’d have been buried by the press.

    Rice is Cheney in blackface. She was an incompetent National Security Adviser, she’s an incompetent Secretary of State, and she’s tied to Bush like a boat anchor.

    Lieberman wanted it but he’s got no constituency. He’s not a Democrat, he’s not a Republican, and he’d be drooling his religion and his Jewishness all over McCain. Goodbye fundogelical base. He was an embarrassment when Gore introduced him as his pick.

    Palin appeals to what McCain sees as his base, but she’ll turn into a horror show for most of the country. I think he’s a pre-senile old man who’s losing it, who had to read from crib cards to announce Palin as his pick, who picked her to stir up the political pot for a short term gain, and who has the hots for her.

  9. The smartest thing about this pick is the timing of the announcement: played brilliantly and stole Obama’s post-convention thunder. Palin could appeal to the evangelical base, but she may turn off the fundies who don’t want a woman to be in charge of anything outside of the kitchen. Most Hillary supporters won’t vote for her just because she’s a woman, because she’s a woman who doesn’t line up at all with Hillary and her supporters on most women’s issues. I think most Hillary supporters care more about the candidate’s stand on issues than about the candidate’s gender.

    So, initially, it looked like it could be a good move for McCain, but, upon further thought, it may not be as smart as it appears on the surface.

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