Pareidolitic Nonsense

28 August, 2008

You have got to be shitting me.  Someone sees a moth with a pattern on its back and claims, “It is Jehayzus!”  Sadly, I am not joking.  Here is the photo: 

Of course, I see an ice cream cone.  But what do I know?  I don’t have ‘faith’ so of course I don’t see Jehayzus.  Why would Jehayzus show up on a moth?

Kirk Harper spotted the moth on an RV trailer Monday, and right away could tell it was unique.

“I immediately thought it looked like Jesus and that was what was so cool cause you’ve seen His face in grilled cheese sandwiches and windows and things but on a moth’s back…we thought that was pretty neat.”

Wow.  The fact that the face is on a moth, and NOT a grilled cheese sandwich, is what makes it ‘cool.’  I guess holy faces in sandwiches is just, well, passe.  Looking at the moth, though, I’m not thinking grilled cheese sandwich.  I’m thinking about three cases of cheap beer, some moonshine, and some stale Cheetos.

The RV shop’s owner immediately took it to his church.

Hopefully after he had sobered up, ’cause no way did he see the face without a great deal of ethyl lubricant.

“It’s an amazing thing.”

So is the fact that these people can vote.  Actually, that’s not amazing, that’s just scary.  Hell, its amazing they can walk and quote scripture at the same time.

Brother James Jordan thinks the patterns do resemble Jesus better in person than in these blown-up pictures.

Yeah.  Blame the photos.  You can see it better live.  And drunk.

But he adds, that’s all it is.

“I don’t want to bow down to it. It’s not Jesus, it’s just an image on something God created.”

No.  Its not.  It is a camouflage pattern on the back of a moth.  The camouflage is an evolutionary adaptation which makes it less likely that the moth will be eaten by a predator or makes the moth more desirable to the opposite sex.  Unfortunately for the moth, this adaptation made it more likely that a Christianist Creationist asshat would remove the moth from the gene pool.  Apparently, not a good evolutionary adaptation — you don’t get eaten, but you do get sent to a church. 

“If He can do that on a little moth, He can do mighty things in our lives.”

Wow.  He can do that on a little moth, but he can’t make it rain on Obama’s speech?  Wouldn’t it be a lot more effective, and alot more likely to convince people, if god(s) did something useful like, oh, remove the carbon from our atmosphere?  Or  make sure that people don’t suffer from painful disease like cystic fibrosis, multiple sclerosis, or shingles?  Or just said, “Whoops, sorry about the knee.  My bad.  Stupid design for a biped.  I should have done a total redesign, but, well, I never got to it.  Here.  All human knees are now designed properly.”? 

It seems that pareidolitic images only show up in random stimuli.  Random as in chance.  Almost as if there is no god(s) and we are looking at truly random bits of colour and pattern which our mind, evolved to recognize human patterns, sees as a face.  Almost. 

Members are keeping the moth at the church. They say if anyone wants to buy it, the money would go towards relocating the church.

Ah. Marx was right.  It really does come down to money.  God took time out of his busy schedule (smiting people, inflicting believers with debilitating diseases to test their faith, telling George Bush who to invade) to put Jehayzus’ face on the back of a moth to help raise money to move a church.  You have got to be shitting me.



  1. Yeah I caught that one today too. What’s next? God on a ladybug spot?

  2. Vamp: Welcome to my blog. I figure an appropriate insect would be the praying mantis: assumes a posture of prayer, and theyn bites the head off of a member of the same species.

  3. I see your ice cream cone, but don’t you sort of see a UFO too?

  4. Chappie: Can’t say I see a UFO. I mean, its a moth, right? Moths fly, right? That would make it an IFO (Identified Flying Object).

    Looking at it again, I kinda see Nebuchadnezzar with dreadlocks. Did they have hemp in Babylon?

  5. So that makes the death head moth it’s arch nemesis? I love moths. “Moth and rust doth corrupt” Matt 6:19

  6. Apparently God not only took time out to paint on moth wings but it looks like he’s sending a hurricane for the Republican convention. If I were a superstitious Christian, I might wonder why the weather was perfect for Obama’s acceptance speech, but why a hurricane might interrupt plans for the Republicans?

  7. sabrina –

    Not a problem for the Republicans – they’ll be eating cake just like they did three years ago.

    Of course if this weren’t an election year they’d be ignoring Gustav and this year’s destruction of the Gulf Coast.

  8. MothandRust: Welcome to my blog. Is that a ‘death head’ moth or a ‘dead head’ moth, ’cause I see dreadlocks.

    Sabrina: Not to worry. The Christers have a way around that: god(s) works in mysterious ways. There. Even if it looks bad for them, god(s) have a reason.

    Ric: Maybe the Repubs are praying that the next hurricane puts everything back. Except the blacks. And the liberals.

  9. () –

    Considering that a lot of blacks haven’t gone back and the white conservatives (the ones who said god did a good thing by destroying public housing by means of Katrina) have moved into positions of power, the Rethugs in DC likely feel now that they have to pay attention, hence all the activity. Can’t have white people dying in Gustav. Say, maybe conservative Governor Jindal could go to N.O. and perform an exorcism on Gustav, get it to hit Texas, or, hey, wow, even better, get it to hit Mexico.

  10. So since New Orleans is now more consevative, it is more worth saving?

  11. I see Jafar from Aladdin.

  12. Nebuchadnezzar with dreadlocks.

    aka, Jar Jar Binks

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