The Power of Blogging

27 August, 2008

About a month ago, McAin’t (the presumptive Republican candidated for President of the United States) made an incredible claim:  because the Republicans were talking about opening up all of America’s coast to off-shore drilling, Republicans were responsible for the drop in oil prices in August. 

In that vein, I hereby claim that the cancelling of the Nun Beauty Pageant was due to my blog.  Yes, mine.  It is the only blog I found (during a 1.2 second search which did not include an actual, you know, um, search engine (I only used the parts of the internet which McAin’t understands (which made things much simpler))) which discussed this important problem.  Since I talked about it, my blog obviously effected the politics of the world. 

If a couple of right-wing Republicans just talking about oil drives the price down, then, obviously, when I blogged about the Nun Beauty Pageant, I drove the idea out.  Kind of like exorcism.  Without the nunsense.  Sort of.



  1. Maybe I should start blogging about the price of cat food and cat litter. The nation must start drilling for corn and chicken and tuna in the Midwest. It’s the only way to bring prices down.

  2. Your power knows no bounds. Sounds sort of like God, except that, in your case, something actually happened. 😉

  3. Well, hate to burst your bubble but Twisty blogged about the nun contest at http://www.iblamethepatriarchy.com. Maybe it was the unholy wrath of feminists that canceled the contest:)
    Or..maybe the even more unholy alliance of atheist blogs and feminist blogs can truly change the world….

  4. Sabrina: Bubble not burst. After I wrote the first one, I actually found hundreds of blogs covering this idiocy. But I figured if Republicans can claim that talking about drilling everywhere brought down the price of oil, I can claim credit on this.

  5. True….sometimes I wish I could run for congress as a Republican..imagine saying anything you want and your base treats it like the word of God. That’s why Palin can say she opposed the bridge to nowhere now, even though she ran for governor stating she supported the bridge 🙂

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