God Really Does Exist

27 August, 2008

Well, not really.  But when coincidences like this happen, its almost enough to possibly make someone wonder about the remote possibility that there is a minute chance of an infintessimal that a god may possibly have a tiny chance of existing.  Either that, or the odds caught up.

Back near the beginning of August, I wrote about an asshat video producer from Focus on the Family who asked the sheeple to pray for rain when Barack Obama accepts the Democratic nomination outdoors at Invesco Field.  Well, there’s really not much chance of rain for the outside performance.  However, inside is a different story.

A club level box at the Pepsi Center was flooded by a malfunctioning sprinkler system.  The  high priced box had recently been renovated so that a “news” network could use it.  The box was flooded by 50 to 100 gallons per minute until the Denver Fire Department was able to deal with the problem.

Guess what “news” organization was in that club level box?  What major network is the mouthpiece of the Republican Party?  Which network has embraced the religious right’s culture war with a vengeance?  Which network would fall under the heading of ‘poetic justice?’  If you haven’t got the answer yet, have some coffee.

The high-end box was for the use of Fox News.  Yes, folks, the pravdaesque 28%ers, the ones whom Focus on the Family use for their press releases, got flooded out. 

Maybe god(s) exists.  Maybe the sheeple prayers worked.  And god(s) is telling the sheeple that Faux News have spent just a little to much time bearing false witness.  And lying.

So what are the chances of the sprinkler system malfunctioning?  What are the chances that it happens in Faux News’ box?  And how many Fascists for the Family sheeple prayed for the rain?



  1. Stranger than fiction. Sometimes life has those little moments that make you wonder if the god(s), on the small chance that he/she/they/it exist(s), have/has a sense of humor.

    In any case, it sounds like they got the rain they asked for.

  2. Bugsoup: Welcome to my blog. Oddly, the rules of chance work exactly the same if one is a believer or not. Anyway, I think the movie got it right: The Gods Must Be Crazy.

  3. I have it on good rumor that Evo did it. Or maybe it was Ex. And those guys are definitely not gods, despite their occasional godlike posts.

  4. If you liked “Pray for Rain”, you’ll love the parody video at youtube:

    Pray for Diarrhea.

  5. Ric: Ah. Now it makes sense. And if Ex and Evo are gods, then my comment above makes even more sense.

    John: Welcome to my blog. I’ll check the video out tonight.

  6. I said for years that God was not a Republican, but no one would believe me. Maybe God is an atheist – that would throw the theologians for a loop.

  7. John: That’s sick. Funny, but sick.

    Chappie: God is an atheist. Sounds like a really good bumper sticker and/or T-shirt.

  8. C’mon. That was obviously an atheo-secular plot.

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