Strange Family Conversation IX or Misplaced Brilliance

14 August, 2008

Well, to be exact, this isn’t so much of a strange family conversation as it is (((Boy))) relating a conversation from earlier in the day. 

At work, they had a large (seven or so) group of college students stop in for gas and snacks.  They behaved (or rather did not behave) like idiots.  One of his co-workers commented on the poor behaviour.

(((Boy))) explained:  “It’s part of the Great Stoner Migration.”

Co-worker:  “What’s that?”

“Oh, you haven’t heard of it?  I’m surprised.  It’s been going on for thousands of years. Every ten years, all of the stoners migrate to Newark, New Jersey for a great celebration of stonerdom.  They travel by foot, car, airplane.  Matter of fact, Newark is an Indian word for ‘Stoner.'”


He kept her going for quite a while.  She never suspected he was making it up as he went along.  That’s what I call misplaced brilliance.  He can come up with an absolutely absurd story, one that had (((Wife))) and I in tears of laughter.  Brilliant, but useless.  Hopefully he can be just as imaginative in Freshman English as school.  (After he told us the story,  I mentioned that he should have had the destination as Stonehenge.  (((Boy))) said, “D’oh!”)

He heads for college a week from tomorrow.  And he got his driver’s liscense today.  The scream those of you in Northeastern Pennsylvania heard around one o’clock was (((Wife))) realizing that he had passed his driving test (doing the parallel parking in a minivan, no less).  Hopefully he won’t be too imaginative when driving.  Just follow the rules and watch out for the idiots.



  1. This is the funniest story I’ve heard since the presidential election of 1996 when The Onion had a headline, “Area stoners accidentally hold a massive rally for Kemp”.
    This one’s better because it’s not limited in time.

  2. Driving is like life. Learning how to operate your car is pretty easy, but learning how to do so surrounded by people who obstruct you while you try and who often pose constant threats to you is a whole other matter.

  3. Chris: Did they try to smoke Kemp?

    Philly: I always feel paranoid while driving. I assume everyone is out to get ME. I hope I have passed this on to my son.

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  5. Sorry you were sick but kudos to you for going to the race! You still did a great job!!

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