Somebody Gets It

12 August, 2008

I have been following the case of Brian Neiswender in previous posts (Kingston, PA, ex-Youth Pastor ArraignedDenial: Not Just A River In EgyptYouth Pastor and Sexual Assault (Haven’t we heard this one way too many times?) (no, I am not obsessed with this, I just figure that if I start talking about something, I should keep up with developments)).  Today, Neiswender appeared in court, confronting his accusers.

There are now three, not two, victims.  All three testified about his actions in court.  He has been charged with three charges of indecent assault, and three charges of corruption of minors and the charges have been forwarded to Luzern County Court. He remains free on $75,000 bond.  I guess that, since he has one child and his wife (from the Channel 28 news footage, she appears to be)  is pregnant, he is a low risk for flight.  The full details are in this article.

Oddly, on the same day that the newspaper covered the ongoing Neiswender case, the AP covered this story from Cincinnati: 

Priests get behavior list

The Archdiocese of Cincinnati has issued a detailed list of inappropriate behaviors for priests, saying they should not kiss, tickle or wrestle children.

The newest version of the archdiocese’s Decree on Child Protection also prohibits bear hugs, lap-sitting and piggyback rides.

But it says priests may still shake children’s hands, pat them on the back and give them high fives.

Here’s a link to the full document (hat tip to MoJoey)

Its nice to see that at least one church gets it.  Partially.  Maybe.  I have to assume that previous versions of the updated ‘inappropriate behaviour’ list must have already covered such things as oral sex and buggery.  Hopefully (and unlike Neiswender), the Cincinnati Archdiocese also has a ‘two adult’ policy.

I have no idea if Neiswender is guilty or not.  This man is a self-professed (and trained) ‘man-of-god.’  As such, he should be held to the same standard as public school teachers.  This means that even the appearance of inappropriate contact must be avoided.  He is (if the charges are confirmed through a trial) a predator, not a teacher.


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