12 August, 2008

Yesterday, a visitor to my blog used an interesting search term.  The term he (or she) used?  “Did Darwin Dye A Christian?”


What colour?



  1. Red.

  2. Hmmm, is that what you’re supposed to do at Easter? I always thought it a bit pagan to just dye eggs at easter; maybe, we should start dying Christians.

  3. Something generic and boring. Mauve, perhaps.

  4. Fluorescent Green

  5. No, no, no. Clearly it was fuchsia.

  6. WWJD (what would jesus dye).

  7. Chappie: Why red? Would that be the red of Socialist Revolution, or the red of blood (referring, of course, to the strange fascination with the blood of Christ/martyrs/etc,)

    Sabrina: It would have to be quick dye — don’t want them to drown, right?

    Tungtide: For certain versions of Christianity, I would agree.

    Mikko: I’m guessing one of the more flambouyant fundamentalist figures?

    DB: What colour is fuchsia? Is that like a hot pink?

    Poodles: How about “Who Would Jesus Dye”?

    All: Someone found my blog using exactly the same search term yesterday. Again. Fundies: when it refers to the death of a person, it is spelled ‘die’, NOT ‘dye.’

  8. I am not sure actually. Since I am a guy I only respond and recognize the standard 8 colors. But Darwin was a revolutionary and I would expect nothing less.

  9. DB: But you’re computer literate. Start counting — 0,0,0 to 255,255,255. That’s what, 16 million colours? And they are all made out of three colours, so the trinity lives. Wow.

  10. Or did those three colors evolve into 16 million colors?

  11. Then again, where did those three colors come from? Man, where is a fundy when you need one?

  12. Christians are colorless. For them everything is strictly black or white.

  13. DB: The three colours are the colours of the trinity. Red is 1, yellow is 1, blue is 1, and together they are 1 because that is the loneliest number.

    Philly: But aren’t black and white colours?

  14. Darwin may not have dyed any Christians, but he indirectly made available the paint by which they could color themselves ignorant.

  15. Ex: Fandamntastic!

  16. If you’re talking mixing colors like paints, primary colors are red, blue and yellow, but if you’re talking light, it’s red, green and blue (ie – RGB). Why, I don’t know.

    Black and white are the absence of light and full spectrum of light respectively. Odd that if you mix all light together you get white, but with paints if you mix all colors together you get brown. Black and white aren’t colors exactly, but in a world where “eggplant” is called a color, I guess anything can be.

    Btw, artists hate those pseudo color names designers use, but I’ll make an exception for the color “ignorant”. 😉

  17. I definately am colour ignorant. I deal with colour when designing posters, or preparing images for publication or the web. I’m real unsophisticated with it: if it looks good, I run it through our printer (a Xerox 7000 (CMYK) and then adjust based upon output). What the hell, it works.

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