A Pathetic & Pointless Post

10 August, 2008

Sometime today, August 10, 2008, I topped 15,000 visits to my blog.

And Prodigal Daughter posted the 1,500th comment on my blog.

And Obama=Anti-Christ was my 175th post.

Means nothing, but just thought I would note the numerical coincidence.  Just imagine how many visits I would have if I was doing something useful here.



  1. 42!

    (Since we’re tossing around numbers . . . )

  2. Yeah? Well, 44 & 81!

  3. Pathetic and Pointless Congratulations on your achievements.

  4. tysdaddy has given the ultimate answer!

    I’ve been told, “Jesus is the answer”! but I always counter with, “No, it’s 42”.

  5. 36C is nice.

    18-1 is a recent fun one (suck it, Patriots).

    5 holds some magical significance for McCain. He was 5th from the bottom of his class, crashed 5 planes, left his wife after she became 5″ shorter and 50lbs heavier following reconstructive surgery after a car accident and he married Cindy 5 weeks later. Wooo, did I blow your mind?

  6. Chappie: Thanks.

    Sarge: I’ve always been a fan of 42. Though I like 44 (Riggins) and 81 (Monk) (yes, I know, different context).

    Philly: Wow.

  7. Well, if you’d stop running off to work and to mess with forest fires you’d probably have gotten something useful done here. You gotta get your priorities straight. As in (((Wife))), then scotch.

  8. Ric: Work pays for scotch. Fires pay for college.

    Compared to many of our neighbors, (((Wife))) and I feel, well, weird. First we got married, THEN we had children. We are both on our first marriage and both kids have the same last name. I’ve held the same (basic) job for seventeen years. We keep our house mown and our lawn clean. We pay our taxes. Compared to our neighbors (Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, Hindi and Sikh (though to be fair, the Hindi and Sikh families have thier shit together)), we have odd priorities.

  9. Do you also not have an incomplete car or cars on your lawn? That’s a priority up there, isn’t it? A status symbol of sorts, of who has the greatest dream in what could be, or perhaps what could have been, depending on your pov.

  10. No. Two cars (well, a car and a minivan), both run, both in good repair, neither leaking oil, both insured (with a reputable company). Like I said, compared to our neighbors, we have odd priorities.

  11. Damn, (((Billy))), you and (((Wife))) make atheists seem too normal.

  12. Chappie: I think that may be what frightens Fundogelicals the most: a normal atheist. Or a normal gay couple. Or a normal Muslim, or Buddhist, or a normal liveral.

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