Obama = Antichrist?

9 August, 2008

When McAin’t’s Rovian minions created the webmercial calling Obama ‘the one’ (and, of course, ridiculing the idea), I thought the phrasing very odd.  The text was bizaare, the wording strange, and the images, well, odd.  Turns out I’m not the only one who noticed something odd about the advert:

a number of progressive Christians starting reporting on the possible subtext underlying the ad: the McCain campaign may be playing on evangelical fears of, believe it or not, the Antichrist. The argument made the rounds a few days ago, and was elevated to a national issue by Time’s Amy Sullivan yesterday, who noted that the ad’s suggestion of Obama as the Antichrist might actually make the Willie Horton ads “seem benign” by comparison.

It strikes me that this is the wrong tack for the McAin’t camp to take.  Follow me on this, and please point out where I’m wrong here:

  1. McAin’t has lukewarm support among the fundogelical Republican base.
  2. McAin’t knows that he needs the fundogelicals to come out in droves if he has a chance of winning.
  3. His campaign produces a webmercial implying, through the use of language and images plagiarized borrowed from the horrific Left Behind books, that Obama is the Anti-Christ.
  4. The rule of the Anti-Christ is a necessary precursor to the second coming of Jesus.
  5. Fundogelicals experience orgasmic ecstacy imagining the torture non- or wrong-believers will suffer when Armageddon happens and rabidly support policies which bring the END closer.
  6. Voting for Obama (if he really is the Anti-Christ) would create Armageddon and bring Jesus to earth.

This seems to mean that fundogelicals  should vote for Obama in order to speed the destruction of the earth.

So all Christianist, Dominionist, Fundamentalist, Evangelical right-wing whackjob Christians:  Vote Democratic this election, and speed up the Second Coming.

(Damn its hard to even concieve of the thought processes involved here)

Hat tip to Steve Benen and his Carpetbagger Report.



  1. Sounds like a great idea to me!

  2. Oh no, they don’t want the second coming. They talk about it to scare us non-believers, but they’re scared shitless. You see, they can’t be positive that they’re going to heaven; they start thinking of all the homeless people they walk by, all the racist comments they make about welfare queens, and how much charity work they’ve done. Plus, how mad would Jesus be if they elected the anti-Christ, after all the work he did by warning them about him?

  3. I wish I could find the humor here but I work in an office full of people that really do think this is it – Obama will be elected, he’s the anti-Christ and they are all gonna rapture the heck outta here soon. Yet – they are all voting for McCain.

  4. Maybe Paris is the anti-christ. I wonder how many write in votes she’ll get. That’s like, totally hot.

  5. Poodles: 🙂

    Sabrina: Good works = popery. Faith = protestantism. I think the left behind folks are more of the faith variety — doesn’t matter what you do as much as how much faith you have.

    Prodigal Daughter: Yet another example of the Republican Party convincing people to vote against their self-interest.

    Philly: And she makes more sense than McAint

  6. (((Billy))):
    Unfortunately, she makes more sense than Obama, too.

    I think the anti-Christ is a male, since women didn’t exist except as mothers and hookers back when Revelation was written. So Paris is a good bet if you’re looking to avoid the Rapture.

  7. Obama can’t be the anti-Christ. I am. I read it on my blog. This is just another McCain lie. Obviously he doesn’t read my blog.

  8. Sabrina nailed it. Many fundogelicals are terrified of Armageddon, the Tribulation, the Rapture and all that stuff. They hope they’ll be on the winning side, but they’re not sure they are.

  9. I saw a funny bumper sticker the other day, it said something to the effect of , “AFTER THE RAPTURE, CAN I HAVE YOUR CAR?” Ha!
    I actually look forward to THE RAPTURE, because it would remove most of the truly annoying people from the earth! I will be glad to be LEFT BEHIND!

  10. Mtbmarmar: Welcome to my blog. Thanks for stopping by. Of course, once they realize that ALL of them are ‘left behind’, they will be pissed. Not that there will be much difference, of course.

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