Focus on the Family is Losing Its Focus

8 August, 2008

A Focus on the Fascists Family video producer (Is Leni Riefehstahl still alive?  I bet these Christo-Fascists love her work (on second thought, her films are probably too, um, well done? for these clowns)) is asking for James Dobson’s sheeple to pray for rain on the day that Barack Obama gives his acceptance speech at Invesco Field in Denver. 

He says he’s only partly joking.

“Sure it’s boyish humor perhaps to wish for something like that, but at the same time it’s something people feel very strongly about. They’re concerned about where he would take the nation,” said Shepard.

Yeah, because if he were serious, he would have asked the sheeple to pray imprecatoriously.  After all, praying for someone’s death is serious.  Praying for rain is just joking.

Come on, folks.  You right wing Christianist, Dominionist, Fundamentalist assholes can do better than that!  Your version of god(s) is all powerful.  This is the deity who parted the Red Sea, parted Pat Boone’s hair, raised the dead, fed a mob with a loaf of bread and a herring, created the entire universe (including (apparently) all of the evidence proving he didn’t) in six days.  This is the alphabits and the omega.  This is the almighty, all-powerful, all-knowing, all-goody, uber-Santa!  And all you ask for is rain?

Why not a volcano appearing under the pitcher’s mound?  Why not have the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains slide down and cover all of Denver under five hundred feet of talus?  Why not ask for a hurricane (hey, according to you assholes he sent Katrina to New Orleans to punish the city for allowing gays to breathe) to flood Denver?

Oh.  Wait.  Can’t ask for too much damage.  After all, the Colorado Rockies are a Christian baseball team.  A bit of rain won’t damage the stadium.

Maybe this moron should just ask the sheeple to pray for a clue.  No, that would destroy the Christo-Fascist Focus on the Family.



  1. Great post! I remember a number of years ago when the church I used to be a part of (obviously rejected when I learned to think!) prayed for rain on the day of the London Gay Pride festival!

  2. Sammisal: Welcome to my blog. I suspect (from what I know about England) that they had a much better chance of the prayer being ‘ansewered.’ After all, it rains in England, what, six out of ten days? Denver, in August/September, gets rain about 1 out of 10 days.

  3. Thanks Billy. I don’t think it did rain that day (it does rain a lot in the UK, but it was probably July or August). What we were told happened was that all the gays started getting naked in a tent, and then a swarm of bees flew in. I’ve been to a few gay pride events in the years since then, but have never seen such a tent!

  4. Of course if it does rain on that day they will claim victory and say that their prayers were answered. It will be “proof” that god doesn’t want Obama to be president.

    If it doesn’t rain, it just means that they didn’t try hard enough or that god just has a different way to express his disapproval. Either way they’ll try to claim that they have won.

  5. Tungtide stole my comment verbatim. Oh, well, here’s hoping the rain of cash for Obama will turn into a straight down pour.

  6. There have been plenty of times I would have liked to have seen a volcano erupt and cover that place with lava. Broncos suck. 🙂

  7. Why not just pray that Obama’s lips get temporarily sewn together? He wouldn’t be able to speak, but no innocent bystanders would get wet.

    Alternatively, why not just pray that Obama forgets English and delivers his entire speech in Arabic. That would get the populace annoyed.

  8. Philly: I’ve never really been a fan of the Broncos. I don’t like orange, and Elway (he was a great quarterback) always rubbed me the wrong way.

    Ex: But if they are at the Democratic National Convention, then none are innocent — they are all supporting the Democrats, which means they aren’t ‘godly’ people.

  9. Well, they pray to god about their favorite sports teams, promotions at work, a good price on car repairs, why not on a political convention. I’m always amazed at how interested god is in America, I guess he just completely ignores starving children in Africa because he’s too busy intervening in the lives of rich American suburbanites.

  10. The odd thing about belief in the Tribulation, Rapture and all that jazz is that many fundogelicals have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, yes, they should be looking forward to the Second Coming, but, on the other hand, they are terrified that they may not be among the elect.

  11. Huh. It looks like I put the previous comment in the wrong post. I’ll bet you’re all smart enough to figure out where it really belongs.

  12. Sabrina: I think you left the ‘snark’ tag open. I agree, though. For a being responsible for the entire universe, he is preoccupied with the wealthy. I guess that’s where the money comes from, and GOD NEEDS MONEY! Doesn’t matter why, he just needs it.

    Chappie: They say that as you get older, ones memory is the second thing to go. Not that you’re getting older, but . . .

    Also, don’t bet too much on the intelligence of this crowd — they are reading my blog, so . . .

  13. Here’s what I’m wondering: if these Focus on the Family people are so concerned about the fate of the country and all that crap, why aren’t they praying for rain in areas afflicted by drought? Why not pray for an end to rain in places devastated by flooding? If God’s at their beck and call, why don’t they pray for the end of a disease or two? Heck, if they’re really that concerned about the direction things might go under an Obama administration, why not get off their knees and do something for a change?
    I know. According to them it’s much more important to let people suffer than turn away from the more important work of sitting around talking to themselves.

  14. Chris: You said: “it’s much more important to let people suffer than turn away from the more important work of sitting around talking to themselves.” You hit the nail on the head (no Kewpie doll, though). Welcome to the wonderful world of American Fundogelicalism.

  15. Welcome to it? With all due respect, sir, I’m afraid I’ve been familiar with it since high school, which is a frighteningly long time ago, although it’s disturbing that, living in the South, I wasn’t familiar with it sooner. I first really became uncomfortable with religion when I had Jewish friends and my Christian friends told me the Jews were going to Hell. The funny thing is I’d been told I was going to Hell and it didn’t faze me. When I was told a whole group which included nice people I cared about was going to Hell, it really started me thinking.

  16. All the best people go to Hell, Christopher. It’s a reward for tolerating those goody-good Christian schmucks our whole lives – they go to “the other place”…

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