Aaaah, Summer

31 July, 2008

(((Wife))) and I (along with (((Boy)))) just finished a wonderful dinner.  BLT’s made with thick cut bacon, rice bread, and our own tomatoes.  We planted about 6 tomato plants — one Cherokee Purple (a delicious purplish-red (and one of these was ripe and went on the BLT)), one Lemon Boy (yellow), three Romas (one Roma was ripe, too), and one which we really cannot remember.  There are few things on earth as good as a BLT with garden-fresh tomatoes (unless its a good MLT, when the mutton is nice and fatty).

We’ve basically given up on tomatoes from the grocery store (although one of our local chains (Wegmans) does stock heirloom tomatoes (sometimes (from Canada))).  We like to support our local farmers at the local farmer’s markets, especially the ones who grow the heirloom varieties (of any vegetable, not just tomatoes).  I like supporting the preservation of the species too fragile to travel.



  1. There’s nothing like fresh, home-grown tomatoes.

  2. I seem to remember John Denver recorded a song about home grown tomatoes. Gotta look for that one. I think I may have it on CD. Hmmmm.

  3. I don’t know what my youngest son and his wife are going to do when they come back from Sicily.

    They buy all their food down town or direct from the docks or farms that they know about. They’re going to be very disappointed.

  4. Our tomatoes have been ripening so fast, I had to can some of them last weekend. We have Bull’s Heart, Tangerine, and Jetsetter. Yum! I’ll have to try that fatty mutton thing. I love lamb.

  5. Sarge: You must have some farmer’s markets down your way, right?

    Laurie: Quote is from the Priness Bride. Not a recommendation.

  6. I saw an entire Alton Brown show on why tomatoes grown and ripened on the vine taste better than those in the grocery store. The ones in the store are stored to turn red, but they don’t really ripen.

  7. Oh, yeah. Miracle Max. I thought it sounded good when he said it, too! :-p

  8. Yes, we do, but they’ve gotten used to actually affordable produce and stuff. He’s in the navy, so he may not be in a position to get to one where you get decent fresh grub.

    Plus, he’s NEVER coming back here to live. Nothing for him.

  9. Sarge: Tell him to join the submarine service. A kid I went to high school with went into the Navy nuke program (I considered it, but at the age of 19, a six-year commitment was mind blowing) and (24 years later) is still in. He doesn’t spend much time at sea anymore, but for a few years he went out with both gold and blue crews on a boomer. Anyway, he said the sub food is the best in the Navy.

  10. (((Billy))), he’s a HM1, hospital corpsman (E6, will be making E7 this years) and an advanced lab tech. He’s independent duty qualified, also field medic and has served with marines. He was in Falujah.

    He has NEVER been to sea in his over seventeen years in the Navy!

    He’s actually thinking of going back to Europe after he retires. He and his wife like the life and he’s had several job offers and they’re considering it.

    Right now they’re in Sicily, the kids go to Italian school, and they really like it there.

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