Fox Radio News Pravda

26 July, 2008

On Friday, while driving home from work, I tuned in to one of our sports talk stations (I used to listen to NPR, but now just about any news leaves me screaming at the radio (or the TV) so I switched to sports talk).  One of the stations is Fox Sports.  Their sports talk is reasonable — not good, but almost worth listening to.  The most annoying thing is the news bulletins. 

On Friday, a reporter was gushing about fuel prices:  “Gas prices have dropped 10 cents in the past two weeks, an unprecidented drop in fuel prices.  Experts say that the price will drop another 25 cents by the end of summer if the price of crude continues to drop.”

Wow.  What incredible reporting.  Not ‘the price of crude is falling because speculators realize just how shitty the American economy is.’  Not ‘that 10 cent drop is miniscule compared to how much the price has run up in the past 6 months.’  No.  They gush about a 2.5% drop over two weeks. 

And the price may drop if the price continues to drop.  What incredible reporting.  That’s right up there with ‘If it continues to rain, we won’t have a drought.’  Or ‘The diaper will remain clean unless the baby voids in it.’  If I had pulled a line like that on my high school newspaper our advisor would have laughed me out of class.

Why does Fox even bother pretending that they aren’t the Republican Pravda?  Former Bush Press Secretary McLellan admitted as much.  They are so desperate to find some economic good news in the morass created by deregulation, tax cuts for the rich, privatization, war and sleezy corruption that Fox radio news actually trumpeted a 10 cent drop in gas prices (from about $4.09 to about $3.99) as major good news.  I guess that, after the last two weeks, McC’ain’t needed some good news.




  1. Raising gas prices to make Bush’s oil buddies rich is one of my husband’s favorite rants. He’s been saying for months that Bush and Cheney will start manipulating oil prices down before the election so that people will be more inclined to vote Republican.

  2. Oops. I read out your post to him, and it started him off again 🙂

  3. Good post. News media are generally so poor it’s maddening. Your examples of show they state redundancies as if they were profundities are far too familiar.

  4. I hate to tell you, but its not only Fox news. All MSM report like this; vapid, vacuous, and inane.

  5. Our gas prices here have continued to rise. Hmmm no gouging eh?

  6. Sabrina: I know that other MSM does it too. Fox just goes that extra step to achieve Pravdaesque abrurdity.

  7. OTOH, Fox News was the only outlet to report that Obama’s giant crowd in Berlin was also influenced by a free concert by popular bands. There may have been free food, too. Hard to confirm, since it wasn’t mentioned by anyone in the US.

    I don’t believe everything on any news station. Fox doesn’t have a monopoly on bias.

  8. Should have added: They all suck. All the media. All the politicians. They just suck differently. They all manipulate, just differently. Get mad at everyone, or laugh at everyone.

  9. In response to the first comment:

    Rising oil prices helps almost all of us. If you have a 401k or mutual fund or government sponsored retirement plan, you probably own oil stock.

    I own some Exxon, so I’ll tell you something else. Gasoline counts for less than half of its revenue. Most of Exxon’s revenue is from petrochemicals. And then there’s the fact that they pay more than half of their revenue in taxes, already.

    I was putting a piece together for my place when the prices began to stabilize and interest seemed to wane. I guess I’ll have to pull it back out and finish it.

    Damn, was looking forward to a slow week.

  10. Yahoo!!!

    Our gas prices are dropping like the proverbial rock!!

    Four more years of the Bush team!!!

    Give ’em a third term

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