More Bumper Stickers

6 July, 2008

I know I have a tendency to harp on bumper stickers.  Usually in an extremely negative context.  However, while at the Giants Despair Hill Climb (photos tomorrow) watching sports cars and full-blown race cars roar up a 20% incline, I spotted the back end of an old car with wonderful bumper stickers.    Click on the thumbnail to get the full effect.  I especially like the “Cheney & Satan ’08” one.  This is also proof that theism and progressivism are not (despite the attitudes of Dobson, Falwell et al.) mutually exclusive.

Progressive Bumper Stickers with Attitude.

Progressive Bumper Stickers with Attitude.



  1. I could do without the bullshit angels sticker.

  2. hehe…awesome. I like the international terrorists one with Bush and Cheney’s face too. I like to think that its this group of Christians that Obama is reaching out to with his faith based initiatives program, but, I would imagine they were going to vote for him anyway. I certainly hope he’s not wasting time trying to grab the Dobson crowd.

  3. Some pretty interesting ones there, though I hate bumper stickers generally – they make cars look like shit.

  4. Philly: I agree. Angels have always made me laugh (the thought of them, not their actual existence).

    Sabrina: The Dobson crowd would vote for Hitler if he were the GOP nominee. That 30% is permanently lost to rationality.

    Chappie: The car itself looked like shit anyway, so no harm done. In high school, one of my friends completely covered his Pinto with bumper stickers from a local radio station. He could care less about the station, but it saved $200 for a MAACO paint job.

  5. I agree with Chap. And in this case, there’s so many I didn’t know which ones to read. Why not pick one or two to be passionate about and forget the rest.

    But as (((Billy))) notes, doesn’t look like this car was a real looker to begin with!

  6. My favorite: The last time we mixed politics and religion, people got burned at the stake.

    It’s just below the model name, Focus, on the tailgate of my car.

    And of course the obligatory ‘I [Love] Petanque’ on the window above.

  7. Petanque? Petanque? Non, non. Bocce. Or Boules. Ne Petanque!

  8. No, no! Petanque!

  9. Non. Bocce!

  10. Petanque! Petanque! [Ric stomps foot, snorts]

  11. I (heart) my Darwinfish sticker. I saw a bumpersticker that warmed my heart the other day – “Keep your theology off my biology.”

    Definitely Bocce.

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