13 June, 2008

Last night, I was watching the Celtics-Lakers game.  I’m not big on pro basketball, but I’ve been a Celtics fan all my life.  My dad is from the DC area so I cheer for the Bullets (Wizards), the Capitals, the Senators (Nationals (and I wish, if they weren’t going to go with the Senators, that they had gone with the Greys)), and the Redskins.  My mom is from Boston, so I cheer for the Patriots, the Bruins, the Red Sox and the Celtics.

I turned the game off midway through the third quarter.  The Celtics had been trailing by up to 24 points, and were hanging around at about 15 to 18 points behind.  So I turned off the TV. 

This morning, (((Wife))) asked if I had watched the whole game.  I explained.  She said, “Wouldn’t it be ironic if they came back an won?”

Then I looked in the paper.  The Celtics were trailing by one with four something to go in the fourth quarter.  Damn.  They made it a close game.  Then I checked on ESPN Radio and discoverred the won.  They won.  Damnit!

The biggest comeback in NBA finals history and I, lacking faith (well, I AM an atheist), turned it off and went to bed.  Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!!!!!!!!!



  1. In LA at that!

  2. Being a kid and a Cowboys fan during the Danny White years, this happened to me quite often.

    And, being (mostly) form Indiana, home of the Bird . . . Go Celts!!


  3. Are you sure that (((W))) didn’t know they had won when she made the remark? She’s a wife, after all, and you know how they like to torture (((Husbands))).


  4. CL: Yeah. It gladdens the heart.

    Tysdaddy: Cowboy fan? I thought you were a good person 😉 . (((Wife))), when she lived near Boston, got to meet Bird and McHale in Lexington, Bobby Orr at Special Olympics, and Magic Johnson while she worked at a cable TV studio. And her music teacher, Bob Legue, played for the Bruins.

    Ric: We were together the entire time. There was no chance that (((Wife))) could have found out about the score without me also knowing. That isn’t to say she hasn’t been rubbing it in a bit. And she does things like that, but not this time.

  5. See, a REAL fan would have watched to the end.

    As someone who has lived in the Philly area for almost 30 years, I feel obligated to say fuck the Cowboys. 😉
    “Fly Eagles fly, on to victory…”
    (except when facing the Chiefs)

  6. Yeah, well, I was a tired fan.

    I do occasionally cheer for the Eagles or the Chiefs. Usually when they are playing the Raiders or the Cowboys. Or if it would help the ‘Skins or the Patsies.

  7. I never root for Pasties.

  8. Pasties are disgusting! Waxy potatoes layerd with steak-ums and baked in a tasteless dough wrapper. Blechhhh!

  9. I guess statistically speaking, comebacks like that occasionally happen. Coincidentally, it happened to a game you watched.

    I don’t watch basketball, but just finished watching Turkey come back from a 2-0 deficit with 20 minutes left to go to win 3-2 against Czech Rep in Euro Cup. Weird, but not unheard of.

    As an NFL fan I, too, feel an obligation to say F the Cowboys!

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