Church Signs #8

10 June, 2008

(((Wife))) was kind enough to point out a sign in front of a local church.  She and I both laughed out loud. 

All who call out to God are saved!

I immediately said, “Oh, god, oh, god.”

(((Wife))) said, “Jay-zus Christ! what are you doing!”

They should, most likely, phrase that one a little differently, eh?  Especially since a different church sign (I’ve never seen it in person, but I’ve seen lots of different photos) implies something else:





  1. Whenever someone (usually walking ahead of me) asks me, “Are you coming?” I like to throw them for a loop by saying, “I’m not even breathing hard.”
    What does this sign say for those who experience deathbed conversions, though? Not that I’m planning to have one, but this doesn’t hold out much hope for those that do, does it?

  2. This church obviously doesnt teach the Bible.

  3. Chris: First time I heard that one (musta been in ’83 or so (when I was a raft guide)) I damn near pissed myself.

    Hudson: It’s a Christian church, Methodist, I believe. What else would they use? The Qu’ran?

  4. Nice to see for a second you considered the idea of salvation! There’s hope for all!

  5. Oh yeah, save me, save me you wench! Oh god save me harder, baby! Yes! Yes! Yes!

    (I gotta get a girlfriend soon.)

  6. Ric: Umm. Well. Aaaaah. Hmmmmm. Ummm? Have a scotch? And pet your cat?

  7. and pet your cat

    Is that a euphemism?

  8. Ric: No. ‘Have a happy salami slapping day’ would be a euphemism. I just meant that cats are calming. Stroking your lion can lower your blood pressure.

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