Strange Family Conversations VIII

9 June, 2008

(((Boy))) is graduating tomorrow and will be heading off to college (Clarion University of Pennsylvania).  Too bad.  He’s just getting interesting.  Here’s two examples:

(((Billy))):  Don’t stay up until some godforsaken hour.  Even though it’s a half day, tomorrow is a school day.

Five beat pause.

(((Boy))):  Dad, we’re atheists.

(((Billy))):  D’oh!


(((Billy))): (in reference to some horrible puns by Sarge and Ex on No More Hornets)  What is it about atheists and puns?

(((Boy))):  They get them.

It’s unfair.  Now that his mind works, he’s gonna leave.  Then again, that was the goal (((Wife))) and I had all along.



  1. Congratulations to (((Boy))) on his graduation! Fear not, (((Boy))), once you get to college you can stay up until any hour you like – and god will forsake them all.

    Plus, there will be beer. Much beer.

  2. Yunshui: No beer. Dry campus. Can’t drink ’til he’s 21.

  3. Poor chap. I forget that America doesn’t have our UK approach of allowing kids to drink from the age of, oooh, about 12 onwards. Mind you, you also don’t have cider-fuelled hellbrats kicking the daylights out of every pensioner who puts a nose out of doors after 5pm, so a win for America, there.

  4. (((Billy))):

    No beer. Dry campus. Can’t drink ’til he’s 21.
    Now that’s an unfounded faith position if I ever heard one.

  5. ChaplainBoy#2 will miss graduation this week, as he’s already engaged in his summer pursuits. I know what you mean about how they leave home just when you start having adult conversations with them. Oh well, at least we know the conversations will be good whenever we get together. Looking forward to those.

  6. Congrats to (((Boy))) (and to a very proud dad on raising such an intelligent lad with a wicked sense of humour).

    Dry campus?? Yeah, that’ll work…

  7. Ex: Sticking my fingers in my ears and saying “Lalalalalalalal I can’t hear you.” Denial is not just a river in Egypt (it is also in Ethiopia and the Sudan).

    Chaplain: Congrats on ChaplainBoy#2. In Indiana Jones 3, old Dr. Jones says to young Dr. Jones: “You left just when you were getting interesting.”

    Julia: It really is a dry campus. Considering that 3/4 of undergrads are too young to legally drink, it makes sense. Those of age can still drink in a bar or restaurant, but it’s too easy for the underage to get alcohol if it’s not a dry campus.

    All: One of the insidious things about the No Child Left Behind laws (here in the states, Julia) is that any conviction, even as a juvenile, can bar you from becoming a teacher (at least here in PA, not sure how other states interpreted the law). So if (((Boy))) did get arrested for underage drinking/possession, he would jeapardize his chances of becoming a teacher.

  8. So if (((Boy))) did get arrested for underage drinking/possession, he would jeapardize his chances of becoming a teacher.
    Wow, that would be a tragedy. He might have to find something practical to do.

    I’m always reminded of the ol’ saw:
    Those who can’t, teach.
    Those who can’t teach, teach teachers.

    When (((Boy)))) gets two or three education courses in him, I predict he’ll be drinking like a fish.

  9. Congrats to (((Boy))). I agree with The Exterminator… a few education courses and he might become alcoholic, so keep an eye on him!

  10. (((Billy))), that’s a good attitude to have about (((Boy))) and his leaving the nest.

    My sons went in the navy rather than college, and watching them get on the bus was a mixed experience.

    I hated almost every second I was in school because of learning disabilities and the fact that I had very few actual teachers. Most of them were warders, gate keepers, and some were just mean, egotistical bullies who used their position to indulge themselves.

    I had maybe seven out of all the schools I went to who were actually teachers. My father, after he retired from the army became a teacher. We didn’t see eye to eye on most subjects, but after he died we found out how much of a difference he’d made in so many lives.

    Odd, one of the best teachers I ever had was a man I hated and who couldn’t stand me.

    I hope your son doesn’t get burned out, I know the value of a real teacher.

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