It Is Hot!

9 June, 2008

Does anyone else think it odd that, during a brutal cold snap, you hear people saying things like this:

“If the world is getting warmer, why is it so freaking cold.  Global Warming my ass!”

But when it is really hot, does the same person use the same argument for global warming?  Never.

Today, it is 97 degrees (and yes, I have been hotter (I lived for three years at Death Valley in California, so I don’t want anyone to comment that ’97 degrees is nothing, you should be here in . . . ‘)).  We do not have air conditioning (we only really need it for three or four days a year, so why bother (plus, it keeps our carbon footprint down)).  So how do I keep cool while blogging?  Here’s how:

Summer Time Blogging

Yes, folks, that is a container of Ben & Jerry’s Karamel Sutra ice cream with whipped cream.  Still in the original container. 

And it was good.



  1. Speaking as someone who believes in global warming, I have, during brutal cold snaps, asked, “Why is it so freaking cold if the planet’s getting hotter?” But I also think “global warming” is something of a misnomer. Average temperatures are rising, but that throws the whole system out of whack, meaning we’ll get greater extremes of both heat and cold. Yeah, I know it’s a mistake to try and look at anything logically. I just go crazy when taunted with Karamel Sutra.

  2. Yeah, what about the methane from the cows that produced the milk that made the ice cream in the factory that used the electricity that undoubtedly has a big carbon footprint? What about that, hey, smart guy?

    (Now if you’ll excuse me I have to run to the store to get me one of those ice creams.)

  3. You need one of these. I got one for a buddy in Queens and he loves it.

  4. Back in the days when I did a LOT of Ben & Jerry’s, my favorite was Chubby Hubby . . .

  5. I’m in Altoona, and about four weeks ago we had snow blowing around. I wouldn’t mind a little more of a transition period.

  6. Sarge: Yeah, we had cold, rainy, frosty weather up here too.

    Tysdaddy: I like bananas. I like chocolate. Together, no. In ice cream, no. My favourite in college was Cherry Garcia.

    Bullet: Looks like a neat gadget, but I’ve reached the point in my life where I’m trying to have fewer and fewer gadgets and ‘things.’

    Ric: Yeah, cow farts are a problem. And I don’t know if B&J still has the same environmental consciousness since they went big time.

    Chris Waldrop: Welcome. I get thoughts like that, too, and try real hard to stifle them. I fully expect weather to get more extreme — more energy in the atmosphere and all.

  7. There is no logic to ice cream. Just gotta have it.

  8. Ric: I agree. What’s your favourite? And how do feel about coffee cabinets?

  9. Coffee cabinets? I haven’t heard that phrase used in decades. But I like them.

  10. I lived in Rhode Island for a while just out of college (I sold cars (blecccch!)). I thought it fascinating that you could walk into a deli and order a grinder and a cabinet and not get a confused look.

  11. First, thanks for the welcome, and secondly, what is a coffee cabinet? I could look it up, but I’d rather hear your explanation. And if I could just add that Karamel Sutra is my favorite, but Hagen Dazs does a sticky toffee pudding flavor that runs a very close second.

  12. Billy,

    You’re thinking of the wrong flavor.

    From Wiki, which is always right . . .

    “Chubby Hubby is an original flavor of the ice cream pints created and manufactured by the famous Ben and Jerry’s ice cream brand. The ice cream flavor consists of pretzel nuggets, which are covered in fudge and filled with peanut butter, in a vanilla malt ice cream base, which is itself swirled with fudge and peanut butter throughout.”

    No bananas. Perhaps you’re thinking of Chunky Monkey . . . not my favorite either.

  13. Chris: A cabinet is the Rhode Island name for a frappe. Which is the New England name for a milk shake. So a coffee cabinet is a milk shake made with coffee ice cream.

    Ty: You’re right.

  14. I’ve far more often had a negative reaction when I say I don’t like ice cream than I’ve ever had when I say I’m an atheist. 🙂

    Thanks for the coffee cabinet definition. I would have felt compelled to google that one.

  15. What?!?!?!? You don’t like ice cream? Begone you anti-frozen-cow-stuff-mixed-with-sugar-and-flavourings! Actually, when I phrase it that way, it sounds kinda icky.

  16. For their “Chunky-Monkey” do they use Rhesus Peices?

  17. I feel your pain. I moved from Phoenix, Az just a week ago. They say it’s a dry heat… just like being in an oven, right?!

    No air conditioning in Death Valley? How do you do it?

  18. Sarge: Bad pun. No donut.

    Ted: I lived in Death Valley when I was real young (69 to 72) and I just thought it was normal. We had swamp coolers which worked pretty well. Of course, I was so used to the heat that I could, by the end of summer, leave footprints in the macadam with bare feet (my own bare feet).

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