Got Gas?

8 June, 2008

Gas has now hit $3.99.9 per gallon for unleaded regular at the Sheetz in Wilkes-Barre Township.  I seem to remember back in 2004, John Kerry suggested that, unless we radically change our energy policy, we would, within the near future, see $4.00 a gallon.  He was laughed at, riduculed, and abused for this prescient observation.  He’s no longer makin policy.  Yet Bush, Cheney, Rice, O’Reilly, the rest of the talking heads on FauxNews and in the Bush misadministration, who have gotten virtually EVERY POSSIBLE prediction dead wrong, are still making and influencing policy.

The Conservative Repulican machine has created an environment in which the people who are right are castigated and removed, and those who are wrong (McCain has been wrong again and again and again and again when it comes to Iraq (though he (and his evil minions) are rewriting what most of us remember) and is the Republican Presidential candidate (talk about rewarding the inability to see cause and effect relationships)) are kept in positions of power or influence, or promoted to even higher positions.

I don’t have an answer to high fuel prices, except fuel efficiency (and it will take years to retire the low fuel mileage cars and trucks) and alternate sources (which will still take years to become economically viable).  The problem is, we should have, as a nation (and this would have taken planning for the long term by the Presidents and Congresses of the last 30 years), been doing these things all along.

The price of gasoline is (except for the small state and federal taxes) determined on the free market.  The free market works very well in the short-term.  For medium- or long-term planning, we need some cojones on the part of our elected leaders.  Free market economics will not develop long-term solutions to any problem. That’s the government’s duty.



  1. I’ve been swearing at Bush every time I put gas in my car. $4.49/gallon yesterday.

  2. (((Billy))),

    As to the screwups gaining more and more power, there’s an old saying: “Politics is like a cesspool; the big chunks always float to the top.”

    Over 30 years ago when we had gas shortages and long lines because OPEC turned off the oil spigot, I kept saying that the US needed to start a program of developing more fuel-efficient cars and trucks, and start developing alternate sources of energy. But what did they do? As soon as OPEC turned on the spigot, Detroit started building bigger and bigger motor vehicles. Fuel guzzlers all. And the people bought into it. Now we’re all paying the price. You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.

  3. You can’t even blame the people for it who voted for these jokers. People have an ability to ridicule facts that don’t suit their immediate needs (they’ll take lower taxes even though evidence suggests that just leads to soaring deficits and inflation later) and will flock to the people who repeat what they want to hear. The democrats and the green party have talked about alternative energy and greenhouse gases for years, and were mocked as far left liberal morons. The “sensible” Republicans promised people oil would flow at $2 a gallon forever and global warming was a fantasy, and people could say “well, he’s a senator, he must know what he’s talking about. Scientists and economists are usually wrong anyway.” Now it turns out they were right, but its a pretty sad victory as time is running out for solutions.

  4. Just my luck. Nine months after I get my license so I can get out of the house more often and pursue a more interesting life gas prices go through the roof. Yes, I do drive a fairly fuel-efficient Honda (fuel-efficient compared to, say, a Hummer, anyway) but it doesn’t do me much good when it’s getting to the point that my take-home pay won’t even take me home.

  5. I always trip out on people who complain about the price of gas, at the station, while filling up their cars. It’s even more ironic when skateboarders get tickets for transporting themselves responsibly as opposed to hucking themselves down staircases and handrailings. I don’t have a car, but I used to work at a gas station, and if you want the most for your money, go first thing in the morning when the tanks are cold and full, and never let your gas get below half tank. But to really kick the bull in the balls, stop driving damnit! You can do it! Every choice you make is yours!

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