Quick Answer

7 June, 2008

Yesterday, someone found my blog via a search engine.  The person’s search was for “can absinthe prevent std’s.”  I feel, to help promote health in America, that I should answer that one:


This has been a (((Billy))) The Atheist Public Health Message.



  1. Too funny! It is amazing how some folks reach my blog. I posted a poem quite a while back titled “Spaghetti.” And as of this morning, searching for “Spaghetti poem” is the #1 way people get to The Cheek. I’m at a loss for words . . .

  2. I did a post a while back titled “don’t f*** with grandma”, now most searches come from “f***ing grandmas” YUCK!!!!

  3. I also got two visits from people who searched for ‘barbecue babies.’ And from a post I did on torture real early on, people found me by searching ‘crushed his genitals.’ You really have to wonder who makes these searches?

    Tysdaddy: Poetic Spaghetti? Sounds like at outtake from ‘Kiss Me Kate.’

    Poodles: Well, even Grandmas need it now and again, eh?

  4. It’s always interesting to see what people search for. There are a few sites that display random, live search terms that people are submitting to major search engines.

    It’s interesting to see these random and weird terms scroll across the screen.

  5. One poor soul got to my blog yesterday by searching for “chaplain jobs northern va.” I bet he or she was surprised upon arrival at my unusual little chapel.:)

  6. *Sticking fingers in ears* LA LA LA LA LA!!! NO they don’t!

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