A Couple of Quickies

29 May, 2008

First (with a hat-tip to Crooks and Liars), a ministry closely connected with the Pentagon called Revival Fires International, a group which has been sending Bibles to Iraq on military airlift since 2003, and headed by Dr. Cecil Todd, may be getting a visit from the IRS (which will probably decide there is no problem).  Why?  Because of this sermon (excerpted in Talk2Action (check out the whole thing (I’m only going to quote the most egrigious parts))) titled Who I Want In The White House:

Today, a fierce political battle rages across our nation, as once again the American people will be choosing who will lead our country as President, for the next four years!

The top contenders in this race are Hillary Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama and John McCain — all three of these Presidential wannabe’s are U.S. Senators.



Now — GOD FORBID — We have one of our Presidential candidates who was raised a Muslim … he was trained in a Muslim school — he will rarely (if ever!) pledge to our flag if he can avoid it. He is never seen wearing an American Flag on his lapel — and his middle name is “Hussein!” And yet he wants to be President of these United States! I say, “He doesn’t qualify to be a dog-catcher!” And his wife appears to be less patriotic then he is!

HERE’S MORE DISTURBING INFORMATION! He doesn’t want his middle name used — (“Hussein”). Why not just use the first letter of his first name (Barack), and the first letter (Obama), of his last name! That would be “B.O!” That means, “HE STINKS!” Perhaps, if we would just add the word “nation” to his last name, we would get the true meaning of who he is — “OBAMA-NATION!” That’s something to think about.


Why is Obama pushing so hard to bring our troops home? Why is that so important to him and his supporters? I believe I know why … the evidence is in, I believe OBAMA IS STILL A MUSLIM IN HIS HEART! He doesn’t want his Muslim brothers and sisters killed! In my opinion — Barack “Hussein” Obama is posing as a Christian to get your vote!

This asshat (he deserves an award for his asshattery) has thrown away his organization’s tax-exempt status.  He is spewing hate speech and political speech from the pulpit.  He deserves to go down.

Next, any of you out there who are planning to be raptured (don’t rapture and drive), now you can pay $40.00 a year to a company which will save your unraptured relatives from having to wait seven years to get at your money.  I spotted this at Pharyngula

In the encrypted portion of your account you can give them access to your banking, brokerage, hidden valuables, and powers of attorneys’ (you won’t be needing them any more, and the gift will drive home the message of love). There won’t be any bodies, so probate court will take 7 years to clear your assets to your next of Kin. 7 years of course is all the time that will be left. So, basically the Government of the AntiChrist gets your stuff, unless you make it available in another way.

The whole thing is just as amusing.  What’s scary is how many people will take advantage (be taken advantage of?) this.  I wonder if they get a full refund (with interest) in the event that rapture comes and they aren’t?

Lastly, (((Billy))) The Atheist is now only 10 comments away from 1,000.  Not bad. 



  1. 9

    The sad thing is there is a whole shitload of subservient asshats who will listen to that toadshit and just nod their heads.

  2. What’s scary is how many people will take advantage (be taken advantage of?) this.

    They aren’t called sheep for nothing.

  3. 7

    I wonder if Dr. Todd will get away with his electioneering because he did not specify which candidate his listeners should vote for? He simply warned them away from one of three candidates, so they still (theoretically) have a choice.

    Rapture or No Rapture, anyone who tries to get into my bank account will discover that it wasn’t worth the effort. 🙂

  4. If you’re interested in the issue of Obama, Islam and whether he might be a Muslim apostate, you might want to check out “Muslim scholar responds to ‘Sharia smear’ against Obama” — http://blogs.reuters.com/faithworld/2008/05/30/muslim-scholar-responds-to-sharia-smear-against-obama/ — on the Reuters FaithWorld blog.

  5. Tom: Alleging that, because Barack Obama’s father is Muslim, he is an apostate completely misses the point of the post.

  6. I have nothing to say, but I hear there’s a free round of beers coming when you get to 1,000 comments.

  7. Ex: This is 998. But I can’t drink beer (unless its gluten free (no wheat protein (which means the beer isn’t as healthy (and that’s why we all drink beer, right?)))). I’ll take scotch (gluten doesn’t survive the distilling process (according to some sources (and I like scotch, so I’ll cherry-pick that source))). Preferably Pinch or Chivas. Preferably older than I.

    Or do you mean I buy the beer? Ever hear of National Bohemian, Red, White and Blue, or Narraganset?

  8. I’m a Glenmorangie man myself.

  9. All right! Number 1,000! Where do I pick up my prize? What is my prize?

  10. Chappie: Your prize is that you get to buy each member of the regular commenters club one drink. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending upon how you look at it) there are stipulations. The drink must be consumed while watching NASCAR (Dover is a good track: fast, tight, lots of wrecks) while listening to Waylon Jennings, the Oak Ridge Boys, and/or Yoko Ono. Also, each member of the regular contributors club will have to pay their own transportation (all travel must be via Abilene) to Chappies favourite bar (that’ll be real expensive for Julia)).

    Or, I can just say congratulations, and thanks to all of you for pushing me up so far so fast (seems like just yesterday my little blog hit 500 (now the damn things growing faster than a Norwegian Ridgeback on steroids)).

  11. OMFSM, Obama has B.O. Yuck, well that seals my vote. I don’t trust those people with chronic body odor. Geez, what an asshat that guy is!

    By the way, does McCain wear an american flag lapel pin? And when did cheap, tacky pins made in China become the only way to show patriotism?

  12. Damn, I’ve got 1404 comments and nobody offered me a beer. Or cash in lieu of beer. Or sex. Or anything. What good’s a milestone if there’s no prize? That’s just unAmerican! All that work…

  13. Sabrina: McCain doesn’t need to where a flag pin: he was a military officer, so he gets a pass on patriotism just like Kerry.

    Ric: You gotta blow your own horn. And if you drop by, I’ve got some scotch.

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