27 May, 2008

I found this over at You Made Me Say It  (Philly Chief discovered these questions from The Friendly Atheist about blogging, which are an expansion upon something from Greta Christina and to round out my linking, I discovered this all by way of The Exterminator. Hemant’s questions aren’t just about why one would blog, but specifically aimed at atheist bloggers).  I went ahead and borrowed (well, stole (but with attribution))  the idea.  I’ll keep the answers short (though they wont’t be nearly as eloquent (though there will be more parentheses (go figure))).

Why do I blog?  I blog for a couple of reasons. 

First, it makes life easier at home.  I have a tendency to start talking back at the television or radio, and then I begin to rant about whatever idiocy I have heard.  By ranting on my blog, it adds a layer of insulation between my thoughts and my family.

Second, it is a learning experience.  I have been exposed to ideas, brilliance, thought processes, logical fallacies, and just plain idiocy from which I had previously been insulated.  Additionally, by making my own mistakes (which some of you have been kind enough to point out), my own thinking processes have been refined.  Then again, there’s a reason some exposure is illegal.

Third, writing a blog has helped me to get a better handle on who I am.  By attempting to write clearly about my thoughts and experiences, I have had to think more about what the hell I am trying to say.

What is our endgame as atheist bloggers?   I really don’t see any ‘endgame’ for blogging, either on a personal level, or for the atheosphere as a whole.  By blogging about atheism, progressive politics, my personal experiences (and their relationship to atheism and progressivism) and history, I hope to be able to make links which others may not have seen (or at least others may point out relationships which I have missed).  More important than anything specific that I have to say, I think that blogs like mine and the hundreds of other blogs approaching reality from an atheistic viewpoint provide an essential counterpoint to the overwhelming number of blogs by theists (mostly of the Christian persuasion).  As long as theists continue to believe that they have the only answer, and the rest of the world must be saved, atheist websites will be needed.  That’s about as effective an end-game plan as McSame and Iraq.

Do we want religion to become eradicated?  Personally, I could really care less whether religion is eradicated or not.  I do, though, want a government run rationally, not via ‘faith-based’ wishful thinking.  I do want legislators who do not try to legislate ‘morality’ as defined by his or her narrow religious view.  I do want religions (and religious people) to allow those of differing beliefs, or no belief, to live in peace.  I do want science, history and math taught in public schools without being used to push religious beliefs.  Of course, for these things to happen, religion would, effectively, have to dissapear.

 Do we want more theists to treat atheists and atheism with respect? — This would involve the notion that laws would not be passed based on religious beliefs.  Yes.  All people (theist, atheist, multi-theist) must be treated with respect.  Someday theists may realize what most atheists already know:  any law passed for religious reasons will harm some part of the population.

Do we just want to rant?  I think ranting is part of it, however, in my travels (and travails) through the atheosphere, I have seen many well-thought-out arguments for reason.  There are some rants, but (unlike many theistically based sites), even the rants make sense.

Philly Chief may not realize it, but I think he just created a meme.  I hereby tag anyone who reads this and wants to do a little bit of introspective blogging.



  1. Good post.

  2. Your post has no title. How’re you going to win at Scrabble ® with no letters or words?

  3. Actually you’re the meme starter. I was just responding to questions and thought hey, I gots meself a blog post here. You’re the one turning my post into something.

    It reminds me of that old Eddie Murphy bit on SNL giving the history of George Washington Carver. He just had some guys over to show them some of his stuff and they noticed the peanut butter which Carver didn’t care about. Those guys? Jiff Wilson and Frank “Skippy” Johnson. Yup. I believe the story ended with those guys of course founding PB empires and Carver dying penniless and insane trying to make phonograph needles from a peanut.

  4. “Personally, I could really care less whether religion is eradicated or not.”

    I hate to be the grammar nazi but “I could care less” is a pet peeve that I really hate people saying. When you say “I could care less” it means that you… could care less. Which means that you care to a certain extent. It doesn’t really tell me how much you care.

    However, I liked your post.

  5. Kevin: I do care somewhat. It is possible I could care less. As far as how much I care? I don’t even know.

  6. SI: title added (12 points, plus bonuses).

    Philly: Shit. You mean if this damn thing takes of in the atheosphere, it’s my fault?

  7. Yes, and I may die penniless and insane trying to play a record with my blog

  8. When I have a longer moment, I think I will have to take this on.

  9. […] one for the aethosphere’s internet memes (my iPod is down the back of the sofa somewhere…), but (((Billy))), by way of The Exterminator, via Friendly Atheist and Greta Christina, has just inadvertently […]

  10. Philly:
    I thought you were already penniless and insane. I find it hard to believe that you’re dead, though.

  11. I haven’t gotten to the dead thing yet. I’m a procrastinator

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