A Little Bragging

19 May, 2008

My son will go to college in September majoring in Secondary Education – Social Studies and History.  He will graduate in four (hopefully four) years with a BS in Education and an BA in History.  He figures it will make him marketable.  His art teachers want to know why he’s not majoring in art and, looking at some of his work, it’s a valid question.  Here are three of them: Ketch, Copyright ZSC, 2006 

 Bristlcone Pine, Copyright ZSC, 2006

 Amish Farm, Copyright ZSC, 2008

Number 2 won an Honorable Mention in the Wilkes-Barre Fine Arts Fiesta;  Number 3 won 2nd place for a county-wide juried student exhibition down at Luzerne County Community College (known (for some strange reason) locally as LCC).

Just a little bit of bragging about my offspring.  Were I a theist, I would thank god(s).  Being an atheist, I credit the genes he got from my wife and I, and the instruction he recieved from various art teachers and his grandmother up in Maine. 



  1. He is a superb artist. I especially like the tree. Does he enjoy art? Does it fill him with joy over and above any other subject? If so, I’d be tempted to tell him to stuff marketability and go with what he loves. If he enjoys history and social studies, and would love to teach, then I reckon he’s got the balance right. Art will be a great hobby to have. And it’ll help him pick up chicks. Chicks love creative guys… 😉

  2. Yes, it’s a great tool for getting chicks. He needs to add some figure drawing to lend some credibility to asking them to pose for a drawing (wink wink, nudge nudge).

    If he enjoys it but doesn’t study it, that’s fine. Going to school for art and/or trying to work professionally as an artist can suck that love right out you. It’s cutthroat and not merit based, especially in fine art. His work seems slanted to either fine art or stylized illustration. Anyway, there are such things as art minors you know, and that can also be something to make him more “marketable”. There’s also art history. 😉

  3. Well you certainly have reason to brag and be proud… especially since some of that talent came from your genes 🙂

  4. Minoring in art may be a good option to consider. It would give him a solid secondary teaching area to complement the history/social studies field.

  5. Julia: He loves art (but as a way to relax). I think history fills him with joy over and above any other subject. I think he approaches art the same way I approach music and cooking — relaxing, but I wouldn’t want to do it for a living.

    Philly: You enjoy the gutter, don’t your?

    Walking Away: It feels weird to be able to brag about my kids. They are teenagers, after all.

    Chappie: I think he is planning to take some art courses to fill up the two or three courses which aren’t already programmed in for his majors. I agree that minoring in art (especially if he can get certification to teach secondary art (which might add another year)) would be a great combination.

    All: I will pass on your compliments.

  6. Wow, not bad!!!

    I like to do the kid art brag thing too sometimes… 😉

  7. Chanson: My son wants to know if Leo has ever watched the movie, The Wall? He says the picture is reminiscent of the Trial. Keep in mind my son is 18, so take it with a grain of salt. My guess is that Leo, most likely, hasn’t seen the movie. Yet.

    I think my (((wife))) still has some of his artwork from that age. I know Maine Granny has some. Actually, she has some of mine, too. I was really into either pencil or black ink for all my drawings. My mom (Maine Granny) tested me for colour-blindness about a dozen times. I kept passing.

    Thanks for stopping by. I like your blog.

  8. Thanks Billy!!!

    No, he hasn’t seen The Wall. He just turned 5.

  9. Which part was “gutter”, the part about making oneself marketable to the opposite sex, making oneself marketable for a job, or warning about the pitfalls inherent in pursuing a career in creating visual art?

  10. Philly: The purity of art sullied by the impure thoughts created by the female body.

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