Fire Photos

16 May, 2008

By now, most of you (if you’ve been paying attention) have grokked that I am part of the fire militia.  Two, three, sometimes four times a year, I get posted for a couple of weeks to a wildland fire (or hurricane (or terrorist attack)).  My wife refers to it as ‘summer camp.’  Anyway, here are some photos I took last year while at a fire in Idaho.

The smoke in this photo is from a second fire about thirty miles south.  I used a brown filter to bring out the colours.


Where I worked for two weeks.

I spent two solid weeks, twelve hours a day, at this road block.  You have no idea how many people have a problem understanding what “Road Closed” means.

After the fire.

The fire burned through this area a few days before.  Most of the fire was a very healthy mosaic with fully burned, partly burned and unburned areas checkerboarded together.

A spot fire.One of hundreds of spost fires within the fire perimeter.  This is in one of unburned or partially burned areas.

A thunderstorm approaching the fire.  There was magnificent cloud to ground lightening, half inch hail, and plenty of wind.  It did not blow up the fire.


Facilities and a full moon.

 A typical view of fire camp (with a full moon in the background).  Sleeping in a tent, using outhouses, eating in a large tent, and working 16 hour days is typical for fire overhead.

All photos were taken with a Fuji Coolpix with a really nice Nikor lense.



  1. Thanks for some great photos and narrative. This is interesting stuff.

  2. These are great. The first one is like an alien planet.

  3. What, no dancing girls? What’s a forest fire without dancing girls? They’re hiding in the dining tent, right?

  4. What would I need dancing girls for? I have my wife (and four cats).

  5. Philly: The colours in the first photo looked close to that by eye, but on the camera, most of the colours just weren’t there. When I used a brown filter, though, they jumped right out.

  6. ()-

    Sorry, guy, dancing cats just don’t do it for me.

  7. Yeah, wrong kind of pussy

  8. Philly: now YOU’RE starting to sound more like a peeved pussy.

  9. You guys are obsessed with peevishness, aren’t you?

  10. Obsessed? Obsessed? Obsessed? Well, maybe.

  11. Well, as long as you’ve got a pot to peeve in you’ll probably be okay.

  12. Ah, stick it in your pipe and smoke it!

  13. Peevish, peevish!

  14. Where is Peev, and why are you so worried about the Peevish? Are they being discriminated against?

  15. Peev is a small area in Uzbekistan, and the Peevs are subject to continual discrimination by the Uzbek government because of their religious beliefs. While I don’t pretend to know all the ins and outs of their religion, they apparently worship cats, and the Uzbek leaders are dogs.

    I firmly believe that no one should suffer discrimination and prejudice. Except Republicans. They should suffer.

  16. Do the Peevs have pets?

  17. Yes, they have pet peevs.

  18. I think they also have Upsetters and Disappointers. Sorry, Ric. Somebody had to go there. (((Wife))) insists that if we get another cat, she will name it Peeves.

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