Answers to First Line Meme

7 May, 2008

Ya’ll did pretty darn good.  Apparently, this crowd likes folk music (except for PhillyChief who seems a bit confused).  Here are the answers to the ones you didn’t get:

2.  “His daddy was an honest man” is from the song San Francisco Mabel Joy written by Mickey Newberry.  I’ve heard it performed by both Wayon Jennings and John Denver.

10:  “Lots of folks back east they say” is from a song called Do Re Mi by Woody Guthrie.  Basically, if you don’t have the Do Re Mi (money) you ain’t gonna get into California.  Good Dust Bowl ballad.

11.  “It was a frosty night” is the first line from Tom Paxton’s Did You Here John Hurt.  I love the chorus, which goes:
          Did you here John Hurt play the Creole Bell?
          Spanish Fandango, that he loved so well?
          And did you love John Hurt?  Did you shake his hand?
         Did you hear him play his Candy Man?

13: “Oh, have you heard the story ’bout Aimee McPherson?” is from the song Aimee McPherson.  I have not been able to find the original artist, though I have it on CD (live) by Pete Seeger.  It tells the story of the downfall of the radiovangelist through, uh, sexual indiscretions with her radio man.

14:  “Oh we want to call him Zachary” is from the song Zachary and Jennifer by John Denver.  It is also the inspiration for my son’s name.

18:  “I saw a Berkely woman” is from the song Berkeley Woman by Brian Bowers, but the only performer I’ve heard is John Denver.  How did you not get that one?

24:  “Caviar comes from the virgin sturgeon” is from a song called Virgin Sturgeon by that prolific writer, anonymous.  It is sung to the tune of Reuben, Reuben and has some good verses in it:
          Caviar comes from the virgin sturgeon,
          Virgin sturgeons a very rare fish.
          No good sturgeon wants to be a virgin
          And that’s why caviar’s a very rare dish.

and the song’s end goes thus:
          Postman he arrived on Monday
          Milkman he arrived next day
          Baby came just nine month’s later
          Who fired the shot, the blue or the grey?

It’s a song from my youth.  My dad used to sing it to us in the evenings.  May explain a great deal.

I took a look at the list, and I think that Lyin’ Eyes may be the most recent song.  My CD collection is pretty much the same.  Lot’s of folk music, classic rock, opera, classical, and (my wife’s least favourite) Gregorian chants.


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