Someone Had Way Too Much Time on His or Her Hands

4 May, 2008

Try this.  It really works. Use a calculator (click on start in the lower left, go to all programs, accessories, click on calculator).

  1. key in the exchange digits of your phone number (the first three numbers (not the area code)).
  2. multiply by 80
  3. add 1
  4. multiply by 250
  5. add the last four digits of your phone number
  6. add the last four digits of your phone number (again)
  7. subtract 250
  8. divide by 2

Look at the answer.  Does it look familiar?  If it doesn’t, either try it again, or have your memory checked by a competent neurologist.




  1. Pretty cool trick. Completely useless, as far as I can tell, but cool nonetheless.

    My boss did one the other day where one ends with one’s age. I’ll have to see if I can get the formula from him. Apparently, 2008 is the only year in which it works.

  2. Chappie: But I wasn’t born in 2008. Hell. I wasn’t even born this century!

  3. No, it’s not the year you were born. Somewhere along the line, you have to enter the year 2008 into the formula.

  4. But I have no cell phone. I have no iPod. I work in the field of steam technology. What makes you think I’m ever going to enter 2008? Oh. Wait. You meant in the equation. Nevermind.

  5. Well, after all the adding and subtracting you’re multiplying the first three digits of your phone number by 20000. (80FTD x 250 = 20000FTD + (1 x 250)) then you’re adding the last four digits twice 2 x LFD). When you subtract the extra 250, you’re left with 20000FTD + 2 LFD. Divided by 2 = 10000FTD + LFD.

    Neat trick but kind of a pain in the ass with all that multiplying. Why not just write down your phone number and be done with it?

    Write down your phone number. Look at it. Does it seem familiar?

  6. Ex: Always the reductionist.

  7. I’ll have to try this at my next get-together with my conspiracy buff friend. I’ll tell him I got it from a site exposing ways the government keeps track of you by knowing all your personal information. He’ll probably buy it, and go off on yet another rant. This could be fun!!

  8. So is this some sort of analogy? All these steps are like religion, completely superfluous, a waste of time, and full of woo factor to amaze and mystify but really you could just cut to the chase like Ex described and get on with life.

  9. I knew where this trick was going to end up, but I did it anyway. I need to have your head examined.

  10. Ric: Which?

  11. () –

    Ask your wife.

  12. Ric: I mean which head?

  13. Ask your wife.

  14. Ric: From my wife: The one he thinks with, or the one he doesn’t think with? The big one or the little one?

  15. Ummm…which is which?

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