It’s a Sign From, Uh, Something

4 May, 2008

A sign from, uh, something.A few weeks ago, I made a gluten-free cornbread.  It was delicious.  In the oven, though, it developed an oddly shaped carmelized film (which can be seen in the photo (I thought the pattern odd enough that I took the photo (which is one of the great things about digital cameras — you can take pictures of nonsense that, before, was not worth wasting film on))).  Then, a couple of weeks later (that would be now), the Spanish Inquisitor puts up a neat (though disturbing) post about an ultrasound scan which, if you look at it through fundogelical lenses, apparently shows Jesus nailed to a cross in a woman’s womb (that’s gotta be symbolic of something).  Which helped me remember my cornbread.

My first thought upon seeing the pattern (being a pattern-seeking primate and all) was that maybe this was a representation of the ylem during the first milliseconds of expansion after the Big Bang and I was being told by the universe that I AM RIGHT!  It works for the right wing Christians, right?

Then I looked at it again.  I saw the sign.  It is Jason’s Golden Fleece.  Apparently, I should be worshipping the Greek Gods of Olympus (only I own a Nikon).  Oh Zeus, Oh Athena, Oh Loki (wait, wrong pantheon), Oh Woden (damnit, wrong pantheon again), forgive me for my postmodern atheism.  And Zeus?  You better keep away from my daughter whether you’re disguised as a swan or not!

After discussing it with my wife, we did the logical thing.  We ate it.  With butter and honey.  It was delicious.


  1. I guess I was wrong. 😦

    I thought it looked like FSM yawning and stretching out those famous noodly appendages.

  2. Looks like a dog biscuit to me.

    Though if you turn it on its side, it could be the Great God Gumby.

    Sans arms.

  3. Looks like a dog biscuit to me.

  4. Chappie: It’s tough doing the FSM on a gluten-free diet.

    SI: It’s ‘the Great God Gumby, Damnit!’

    Poodles: Looks like a dog biscuit. Big surprise.

  5. I, too, see a stunning resemblance to the Milk Bone logo. You, sir, baked proof that Dog exists.

  6. Nan: I have been known to lie awake at night wondering if there is a dog.

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